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-To Be or Not To Be: When is Terrorism NOT Terrorism?

by Dr. D ~ September 19th, 2016


Over the weekend there were a number of separate events in America that looked exactly like Islamic terrorism but government officials and the press refused to admit the obvious.

The police are still questioning the motivations of the Muslim in Minnesota who stabbed folks in the mall after asking at least one of his victims if they were Muslim or not. Then NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio  observed that the bombing “was an intentional act” but then added that he didn’t think it was terrorism?

The closest that anyone came to what regular Americans suspected came from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo; who said that the bombing was “obviously an act of terrorism” but then added that “it’s not linked to international terrorism.

After the smoke cleared and a gun battle with the police was over it was confirmed that the suspected NYC bomber was an angry Muslim immigrant who’s family had actually sued the police in the past for targeting Muslims.

Response:  So this is where we are in America. It might look like terrorism, quack like terrorism, and walk like terrorism; but no one in the government or the press wants to call it that in spite of overwhelming evidence.

Now comes the newest wrinkle- it may be terrorism but it isn’t International terrorism. As that makes a bit of difference to the victims. So we can now excuse homegrown Muslim terrorism because it isn’t officially tied to al Qaeda or ISIS? Forget the fact that ISIS and al Qaeda leaders have recently called upon all faithful American Muslims to attack the unbelievers in America.

Police and government officials are afraid to identify anything any more as Islamic terrorism no matter how clear the evidence might be. CAIR (Council on American–Islamic Relations) and other American Muslim groups have been very effective in their campaigns to encourage American Muslims to sue the police and government officials if they think that they might be victims of discrimination or profiling. Ironically, the family of NYC bombing suspect had done just that.

Meanwhile, the press is so concerned about so-called Islamophobia that they would rather speculate that right wingers are responsible and be ridiculously wrong than observe any obvious Muslim connection.               *Top

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