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-Radical Muslims Continue to Attack Churches

by Dr. D ~ September 14th, 2016


If Christians attacked or damaged a Muslim mosque it would instantly become international news carried by all of the main stream purveyors. However if radical Muslims attack a church it is almost never reported, particularly in America. Yet churches continue to be attacked, burned, and robbed every week and yet it goes unnoticed by the MSM. Probably in order to protect Americans from a potential rise in so-called Islamophobia.

Here are just a few recent attacks mentioned on one website:

Kosovo: Muslims set fire to Orthodox cathedral, use it as a toilet 

Spain: Muslim banned from entering churches after vandalizing several, burning images of Virgin Mary 

Yemen: Locals break into and rob Christian church

Add one more (9/19):

ISIS-Linked Boko Haram Kills 8 Civilians outside Church in NE Nigeria

Meanwhile, ISIS continues to tell faithful Muslims to attack churches especially in America and the West.                   *Top

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