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-Research: Go to Church and Be Happier?

by Dr. D ~ September 2nd, 2016


New research indicates that those who regularly attend worship services are significantly happier. Here’s the story from ARDA:

People who attend Sunday worship not only feel better during the time they are in church, but they are happier throughout the week than non-churchgoers, according to two new studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  …

Not only Christians benefit.

Service attenders of all faiths, whether it is a Jewish person attending Sabbath services or a Muslim going to Friday prayers, reported greater health benefits, according to a separate study analyzing Gallup Daily Poll data from 1.3 million respondents.  …

The upshot: Worship exerts “a very big psychological pull on your health,” said University of Wisconsin sociologist Chaeyoon Lim, who led both studies.

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Response: So go to church and be happier? We have posted on similar research in the past done by Gallup. It is unfortunate that this is happening at a time when weekly attendance to worship services are declining in America.  So fewer are taking advantage of the potential benefits of worship attendance for health, and happiness.               *Top

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