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-Obama’s ‘Internet Giveaway’ Could Lead to U.N. Control?

by Dr. D ~ August 29th, 2016


It doesn’t make any sense, but President Obama has insisted that the US give up its control over the Internet. Nevertheless, it is scheduled by Executive Order to happen a month from now on September 30, 2016.

Now it comes out that the United Nations may end up with control over the Net even though our ‘globalist’ President protested that he was not giving it to that international body.  Here’s the story from the Wall Street Journal:

When the Obama administration announced its plan to give up U.S. protection of the internet, it promised the United Nations would never take control. But because of the administration’s naiveté or arrogance, U.N. control is the likely result if the U.S. gives up internet stewardship as planned at midnight on Sept. 30.  …

Without the U.S. contract, Icann would seek to be overseen by another governmental group so as to keep its antitrust exemption. Authoritarian regimes have already proposed Icann become part of the U.N. to make it easier for them to censor the internet globally. So much for the Obama pledge that the U.S. would never be replaced by a “government-led or an inter-governmental organization solution.”  …

The only thing worse than a monopoly overseen by the U.S. government is a monopoly overseen by no one—or by a Web-censoring U.N.  …

<Read the whole article>

Response: Internet freedom and free speech really is at stake.  If the U.N. takes control of the Internet look for major changes to take place and those changes will undoubtedly not be all that supportive of open international freedom of speech. Free discourse on religion would particularly be under review by any U.N.committee in charge of the Net.

Resolutions on ‘protecting religion,’ which in reality are nothing more than ‘blasphemy laws’ supporting Islam against all other religions, are constantly being presented and voted on by the U.N. So far none have been passed.

However, if the United Nations ultimately takes control of the net they would in turn assign a new committee of bureaucrats to run it. Then all bets are off when it comes to free speech and particularly freedom of discourse about religion. Any U.N. committee on Internet control and ‘rights’ would undoubtedly include members from China and Muslim dominated countries which are known to actively oppose free speech when it comes to religion.

Hopefully the US Congress will take action and block this giveaway before September 30, 2016. It is amazing to me that US presidents sometimes do things which are obviously not in the best interests of the country and its citizens. This is one of those occasions. President Carter gave away the Panama Canal and now the ports on both ends are run by a Chinese Company (owned by the red Chinese government). As bad as that decision has turned out, Obama’s Internet giveaway could even be worse.              *Top

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2 Responses to -Obama’s ‘Internet Giveaway’ Could Lead to U.N. Control?

  1. Brian

    According to documents leaked from George Soros, his organization is seeking to use international control of the Internet to “favor” groups that support “open society”.


    If this were to happen, Dr. D, the Christian presence on the Internet (including your web site) would likely disappear.

  2. Dr. D

    Brian, that is my greatest fear. We really don’t know at this time what will happen to the Internet but you can bet that it won’t be good. Whether it’s Soros, the Muslims, or China and Russia there will be some loss of religious freedom on the Net.

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