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-Pew Research: Why ‘Nones’ Left God Behind

by Dr. D ~ August 26th, 2016


New research by the Pew organization shows that there are a variety of reasons why the number of ‘nones’ is growing in America and why many of them left the faith they were raised in behind:


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Response: It is important for Christian leaders and pastors to understand the trend toward ‘none’ in America.Looking over the vast number of reasons shown there really are no easy answers. Some where along the line we failed the younger generation and have not properly delivered the ‘faith once received’ as an important reality in their lives.

I believe that a lot of this trend is the result of so many American churches becoming venues for spectators and boring uninspired ‘entertainment.’ What is lacking in many is experience with the living God and his Holy Spirit.

I am still hoping for this trend to be reversed through another great awakening and revival in America.  A recent revival in West Virginia that saw thousands of young people converted to Christ is an example of what I am talking about.             *Top

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