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-ISIS Calls for Attacks Using Baseball Bats and Guess What…?

by Dr. D ~ August 25th, 2016


                                     (Image: Wikipedia)

ISIS in a recent video called for faithful Muslims to attack unbelievers in the West using household items like baseball bats. So guess what happened in Calais, France? Violent Muslim migrants attacked truckers using baseball bats. Coincidence? Here’s the story from Jihad Watch:

A THRONG of violent armed migrants have been filmed holding up a UK-bound lorry as they battled to scramble onboard vehicles in Calais. …

The dashcam footage shows a group of men standing in between the branches and the lorry, armed with baseball bats and large sticks which they wave at the Flemish trucker. …

The latest figures show the lawless Jungle camp in Calais has now increased its numbers to more than 9,000 migrants attempting to get to Britain, despite the demolition of most of the camp by French authorities…

“‘Use baseball bats, power drills and screwdrivers’: New ISIS propaganda video urges lone wolves to wield household objects to jihad against the West,” by Darren Boyle, MailOnline, August 22, 2016:

A new ISIS terror video has urged followers to use household goods to conduct jihad against the West.

<Read the whole article>

Response: The ISIS video is targeting faithful Muslims in France and the USA in particular. If this attack or something similar happened in the USA the Obama administration and FBI would wonder what the motivations were, claim that it had nothing to do with Islam, and conclude that the perpetrators were ‘lone wolfs’ with no ties to any terrorist group. Just saying.

Sometimes I wonder how the supposedly ‘smartest people’ in our nation and the world can be so obviously blind and stupid? Or maybe they just think that regular Americans are that dumb. I guess they do have a point since we chose them to be our leaders.                  *Top

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