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-LGBT Rights To Override Religious Freedom?

by Dr. D ~ August 24th, 2016


Many are contending today that LGBT civil rights should overcome and override religious freedom in America.

We are even to the point now when some are saying that churches and non-profit religious institutions that want to continue to ‘discriminate’ based upon Biblical beliefs and doctrine should lose their tax exempt status. Also, Religious colleges and educational institutions that want to maintain an environment based upon Biblical standards should lose their accreditation and no longer be eligible for any kind of government funding, including student loans.

Five years ago I began to see this kind of thinking on radical internet websites. Now this doctrine is going mainstream and I really do think it is only a matter of time before government officials and accreditation officers start to take action against conservative churches and Christian institutions and denominations. It may begin to happen sooner rather than later depending upon who is elected as president later this year.

If you are wondering what I am talking about, read the following article by a liberal Christian educator and ethicist who contends that churches and religious institutions must change and leave behind their Biblical doctrines and teachings on sexuality or else:

On LGBT equality, middle ground is disappearing

Here are a few poignant quotes from this article:

Middle ground is disappearing on the question of whether LGBT persons should be treated as full equals, without any discrimination in society — and on the related question of whether religious institutions should be allowed to continue discriminating due to their doctrinal beliefs. …

…LGBT equality now doctrine, sympathy for religious liberty exceptions is drying up quickly. If Hillary Clinton is elected president, making for 12 to 16 straight years of Democratic control of the White House, it is quite possible that by Supreme Court ruling and federal regulation any kind of discrimination against gay people will have the same legal rights and social acceptance as any kind of racial discrimination. Which is, none.

Openly discriminatory religious schools and parachurch organizations will feel the pinch first. Any entity that requires government accreditation or touches government dollars will be in the immediate line of fire. Some organizations will face the choice either to abandon discriminatory policies or risk potential closure. Others will simply face increasing social marginalization.

<Read the whole article>

One thing I do wonder, will these ‘civil rights’ demands be extended to Orthodox Jewish and Muslim religious institutions which may hold similar views? Probably not since conservative Christians seem to be the only ones in the ‘sights’ of LGBT and progressive activists.

One thing is for sure, regardless of any government action, lawsuits and judicial decisions, or PC cultural opinion; conservative Christians who consider the Bible to be the foundation of their faith, will not be changing their doctrines and teachings to appease and adjust to a new prescribed cultural orthodoxy regardless of the consequences.

In the first century Christians refused to bow and worship Caesar and went to their deaths and Christians today are dying because they refuse to convert to Islam. The potential loss of religious freedom, tax-exempt status, and accreditation will not cause faithful believers to throw their Bibles and faith away even if many more liberal Christians do give up and follow the culture.                 *Top

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