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-ABA: Proposed Rule Change Could Affect Religious Freedom of Attorneys?

by Dr. D ~ August 9th, 2016


UPDATE: The proposed rule was passed. From Townhall:

The amended ethics rule now bans the offensive conduct only if the lawyer knows or reasonably should know it is harassment or discrimination. …

The guidance that comes with the rule, however, defines discrimination as “harmful verbal or physical conduct that manifests bias or prejudice toward others.”

The rule was proposed to combat ‘sexism’ but some contend that it could be used against conservative Christians who may continue to support Biblical views (of homosexuality or same sex marriage for example) which are now considered to be biased or discriminatory according to the new PC American cultural orthodoxy.

Original Post:

The American Bar Association is having their annual meeting in San Francisco CA. There are concerns about a proposed rule change that might affect the free speech and religious freedom of lawyers in the USA. Here’s the story from Charisma News:

Under the new rule, attorneys could be disciplined by state bar authorities for expressing views, representing clients or belonging to an organization that holds views that aren’t politically correct or socially acceptable on controversial issues. 

Former United States Attorney General Edwin Meese III and Kelly Shackelford, President and CEO of First Liberty Institute, say this rule would create a virtual "speech code" for attorneys, which could be used to punish "political viewpoints" and "religious beliefs" of lawyers and clients. …

Meese said. "If implemented nationally, it could lead to the automatic disbarment of attorneys and judges over their private speech and beliefs."

<Read the whole article>

Response: A new politically correct  ‘orthodoxy’ on speech and thought is in the process of being established in America.

This has already happened in our colleges and universities. Conservatives are rarely allowed to speak on campuses anymore and new laws are in the works in places like California to eliminate Christian colleges that want to maintain Christian moral standards and in other cases some are being challenged by accreditation associations.

In fact this has already happened in Canada when it comes to the law. A Christian law school in Canada has been denied accreditation over the school’s stand on homosexuality and same sex marriage and the bar association in at least 3 provinces refuse to recognize their graduates.

In the case of the current rule change proposal before the ABA, there are concerns that the new rule might be used “to punish those who dissent from government-mandated orthodoxy” and eventually eliminate conservative Christians and maybe even Orthodox Jews from practicing law in America.               *Top

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