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-Gary Johnson: "Religious Freedom…a Black Hole"

by Dr. D ~ August 4th, 2016


         (Gary Johnson: Wikipedia)

Some of my conservative friends have suggested that Gary Johnson (Libertarian) might be a worthy alternative for those of us who are not exactly happy with either of the major candidates for president. But some recent comments demonstrate that his views on religious freedom are probably the worst among those running and that is saying something with Hillary on the list. Here’s the story from The Salt Lake Tribune:

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson voiced concerns about whether laws protecting religious freedom could open the door to sanctioned discrimination and violence, …

Johnson, in an interview with the conservative Washington Examiner … last week, said he believes it’s the government’s duty to prevent discrimination and said that giving exceptions based on religion "will open up a can of worms."  …

Johnson concluded by saying he saw "religious freedom, as a category, of being a black hole."

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Response: His understanding of Religious freedom should be enough to assign his candidacy itself to ‘a black hole.’ I know that he might be great on some economical issues including social security, the Second Amendment,  and he is against Obamacare and the Common Core. Also his experience as a two-term governor is a major plus. But his stands on some other issues might be troubling to many conservatives, particularly conservative Christians:

-Pro Transgender Bathrooms

-Pro Doctor Assisted Suicide

-Pro Same-Sex Marriage

-Pro Planned Parenthood Government Funding

-Pro Choice

-Con Death Penalty


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