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-Iowa Civil Rights Commission Backs Down and Supports Religious Freedom

by Dr. D ~ July 13th, 2016


Earlier this month, the Iowa Civil Rights Commission seemed to be saying that any church that opened its doors to the public was subject to the state’s discrimination laws and transgender bathroom regulations. It was tantamount to legally requiring pastors and churches to refrain from preaching or teaching traditional Christian doctrine and, in particular, Biblical passages about homosexuality. It also required those in religious institutions to use proper PC pronouns when communicating with transgender folk or be subject to legal action.

Now the Commission has backed away from this earlier policy after it was sued by a prominent Iowa church. Here’s the story from the PJ Media:

In a rare victory for religious freedom, the Iowa Civil Rights Commission altered the language on their brochure, effectively conceding that churches would not be violating the law when pastors preach against homosexuality and transgenderism. Here is the new brochure.  …

Despite their failure in this instance, LGBT activists will continue to slander these sexual tenets of the Christian faith as hateful and attempt to silence them wherever possible.  …

…the struggle to defend our views is real, and events like Iowa’s recent anti-discrimination "guide" remind us that we are to some degree under attack.

If American law enshrines the LGBT idea that Christianity is a bigoted religion, it will damage religious freedom for everyone. Conservative Jews and Muslims also hold similar views on sexuality, and their rights would also be tramped by such regulations. We cannot allow the chilling of free speech that such movements of "tolerance" espouse. At some point, we have to say enough is enough.

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Response: Fortunately in this case the Iowa Civil Rights Commission backed away when the church legal team was able to present all of the problems their policy caused for religious liberty and free speech.

This is just beginning; LGBT activists are trying to outlaw traditional Biblical teaching on homosexuality. They almost succeeded in Iowa. This same battle will probably have to be played out in every single state and possibly through the full gamut of the federal court system. 

The PJ Media article is excellent for defining the issues and clearly presenting traditional Christian teaching on homosexuality.                *Top

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