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-Canada: Appeals Court Rules Against Christian Law School

by Dr. D ~ July 8th, 2016


                                   (Illustration from Trinity Western University website)

A Canadian Christian law school was denied accreditation because of their Biblical stand on homosexuality and marriage. Now their lawsuit against the accreditation body has been rejected by a Canadian Appeals Court. Here’s the story from the Baptist Press:

The Ontario Court of Appeal on June 29 ruled that a provincial accrediting body can legally refuse to recognize Trinity Western University’s proposed law school based solely on the school’s marriage views.  …

The Christian university plans to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court of Canada.

In April 2014 the Law Society of Upper Canada announced it would not accept graduates of TWU’s proposed program, because it deemed discriminatory the school’s community covenant that requires students to abstain from sexual activity outside marriage between a man and a woman. After TWU appealed the decision, last year a three-judge panel ruled against the school, even though the judges agreed a religious freedom violation had occurred.

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Response: We have been following this case for several years now. This is happening in Canada but an accreditation body in New England is threatening the accreditation of a Christian college in Massachusetts for similar reasons. Now California may soon pass legislation that will make it impossible for the state’s Christian colleges to maintain any kind of Biblical moral codes for their students and workers. It really would be the end for distinctive Christian educational institutions in California. Then there is a real threat from atheist organizations to oppose the federal government from allowing any kind of funding including student grants and loans to be used in Christian schools. Point is, this is just the beginning.                 *Top

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