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-Pentagon Lifts Transgender Ban and Will Provide Supporting Medical Care and Surgeries

by Dr. D ~ June 30th, 2016


                        (The Pentagon: Wikipedia)

The Obama administration has lifted the official ban on Transgender folks in the US military. Also the government plans to cover any medical care associated with supporting transgender reassignments. Here’s the story from the Christian Post:

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced Thursday that the longstanding ban against transgender military service has been lifted, "effective immediately."  …

Carter explained that the department’s new rules will be phased in by the military branches over the course of the next year.   …

The statement explains that the government plans to "take care" of whatever medical care is necessary for transgendered troops. The statement adds that the Pentagon will create "a construct by which service members may transition gender while serving, sets standards for medical care and outlines responsibilities for military services and commanders to develop and implement guidance, training and specific policies in the near and long-term."

According to Military.com, Carter said that the government will cover "medically necessary" gender reassignment surgery and medications once the policy is implemented.

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Response: Another case where President Obama is using the military for a PC social statement and experiment. This policy will end up costing the military millions of dollars unrelated to their primary task of protecting this nation. According to reports, there are already transgender folks in the military and have been for years. What I object to is the government paying for ‘elective’ medical care.

Providing good medical care to those in our military should be a given. However, offering actual gender transitional preoperational care and even surgeries will add a new expensive level of ‘elective’ medical care that has never been covered by the military before.

It is tantamount to adding elective plastic surgeries like breast augmentations, tummy tucks, and face lifts to the regular procedures paid for by the government. Those seeking those types of elective surgeries, like transgender folks, would also claim that they are necessary for their identity and self image. Nevertheless, no one would expect the government to cover those types of elective procedures.

One potential positive result coming out of this policy could be the successful recruitment of a new group of people. Those joining the military in order to  get their expensive transitional care and surgeries paid for by the military budget.  My only question, is this really going to help the US military and their mission?               *Top

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