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-Should American Christians Now Expect Some Persecution?

by Dr. D ~ June 29th, 2016

“If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you.” -John 15:18 (ESV)

When was the last time a conservative Christian was fairly represented in the media? Where are the positive examples of believing Christians that use to populate the movies and TV shows in former years?  All gone, except in that special breed of movies and TV programs that are produced specifically for people of faith.

Christians and Christianity are also under assault in most colleges and universities across America except at those special institutions catering to believers. But in California, current legislation is seriously being considered that would destroy the distinctive moral codes of behavior at Christian institutions thereby putting faith-based colleges in jeopardy.

Now the religious liberty of Christian pharmacists in the state of Washington is under assault after the recent Supreme Court non-decision. Then there was the aftermath of recent Islamic terrorist event in Orlando where folks in the media blamed Christians. Plus literally hundreds of church related faith-based organizations and Christian owned businesses are facing an assault by the Obama Administration’s HHS Contraceptive and Abortifacient Mandate.

We haven’t even mentioned the worse attack on Christians, Christian business owners, and Christian organizations being waged successfully by LGBT activists which are trumping religious liberty nearly at will since the SCOTUS decision to allow same-sex marriage and then the Obama administration’s  recent executive order on the transgender bathroom issue followed closely by the order to hospitals to do sex-change operations and abortions regardless.

What is really shocking to me is that the majority of American Christians are not fully aware of how their rights are being diminished and how the First Amendment is being reinterpreted and rewritten by the courts. It doesn’t become real to most until they are personally faced with being forced to go against their religious convictions and faith. Well the time may be coming soon when American Christians will either have to give up on the Bible and their traditional understanding of Christianity or face the beginning of some type of persecution and the loss of jobs and some kinds of occupations and businesses.   

I see no political solution coming for this in 2016 regardless of the election.  We have been warning about this possibility for the last ten years and many said that we were  over- the- top and alarmist at best. I really do hope that they are right and what we actually see in the future is a new awakening and revival in America. At least that is what we are praying for.

Here’s  another take that addresses some of these same issues facing American Christians:  “The Terrorist Attack at Pulse in Orlando Signals Open Season on Christians


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