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-The UN Rules Ireland’s Abortion Ban Violates Human Rights?

by Dr. D ~ June 17th, 2016

Pro-life symbol

United Nations human rights committee ruled on June 9th that the Republic of Ireland’s Constitution which bans abortion as cruel, inhuman, and degrading to women and violates human rights. Here’s the story from the Catholic News Agency:

Pro-life groups in Ireland are charging that a United Nations human rights committee contradicted its mission when it ruled that the Republic of Ireland’s laws against abortion violated a woman’s rights.

The ruling’s critics included Niamh Ui Bhriain of Ireland’s Life Institute.

     “Instead of protecting the most vulnerable, the U.N. has chosen, yet again, to champion abortion, and has trampled on the right of people with disabilities,” she said. She charged that the committee “seriously undermined its credibility by rushing to support abortion.”…

     “Their reasoning is so distorted that it has lost all meaning,” she said. “Abortion is inhumane, and the U.N. should seek to find progressive answers to assist women who are told their babies may not live for long after birth.”

The Republic of Ireland’s constitution equally recognizes the right to life of both the mother and her unborn child in its Eighth Amendment, against abortion. Pro-abortion rights lobbyists have targeted the amendment for repeal.

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Response: So, not allowing abortions is “cruel and inhuman” but aborting an innocent baby is somehow good and humane? Amazing. Sometimes the UN bureaucrats make no since at all and should be subjected to ridicule and derision. These are the same folks that assigned Saudi Arabia, along with other middle eastern, and communist countries to their ‘civil rights’ commission in the past. Enough said.                  *Top

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