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-California Bill: Title IX Religious Exemption Under attack

by Dr. D ~ June 10th, 2016


We predicted last month that Christian schools would soon come under attack after President Obama demanded that public schools accommodate transgender students. Now there is a bill before the California legislature that will directly attack Christian colleges in the state by eliminating the Title IX religious exemption. Here’s the story from Charisma News:

A bill getting serious consideration in the California legislature, if adopted, would be an immediate threat to the survival of faith-based colleges in the state.

Senate Bill 1146, offered in April by state Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens), which passed the Senate May 26, continues to move forward. …

Lara, a member of the LGBT Caucus, said the bill is meant to “close a little-known loophole” that allows private faith-based colleges to not comply with the state’s Title IX-aligned education code anti-discrimination regulations as they apply to gender identity and sexual orientation. That exemption only applies to educational institutions “controlled by a religious organization” if compliance would violate “religious tenets of that organization.”

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Response: This bill is not only a direct attack against Christian schools but also against religious freedom and the First Amendment. Again, the intent is for LGBT rights to legally supersede and trump religious beliefs and liberty on every level. The final results could be the destruction of all religious moral codes of conduct at conservative Christian colleges and universities in the state and the end of Christian educational institutions as we know them.

Also, the bill goes way beyond just the ‘transgender’ issue and would allow students to legally challenge any religious rules and moral requirements maintained by any of the faith-based schools in the state. But make no mistake, this bill is directed toward conservative Christian schools. I can’t imagine it ever being used against a Muslim school even if they maintain similar standards.

Look for bills like this in every state across America. Also look for legal challenges against the Title IX exemption on the federal level. Already one atheist group is challenging a Christian school on the basis that they receive federal funding .

Christian schools are being attacked on so many different levels now (accreditation, national sports, federal, state, and local) that it is difficult to keep track of it all. This is just the beginning.                 *Top

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