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-Is The Transgender Cause Destroying Title IX?

by Dr. D ~ June 8th, 2016

Response: President Obama expanded Title IX to include transgender students but is that cause actually destroying the original intent of the legislation instead?

Nattaphon ‘Ice’ Wangyot is called a ‘hero’ by LGBT activists around America. However the mother of the girl who lost out, Jennifer VanPelt, has a different take on the event after Nattaphon commented that those who lost should just put more effort into their training and practice:

If you were directing your comments towards me and my daughter I think you need to reevaluate what you said Ice. She is a phenomenal runner for a female. She happens to be the fastest female in the MatSu Valley. And she’s a freshman. Obviously she is at a disadvantage to you because she was not born with the physical attributes you were as a male. It’s 100% science. Men are physically different than females. Your times would not allowed you to compete with the boys at state. So don’t start casting stones telling me my daughter isn’t good enough. Because she is.

Title IX was originally passed to force schools to spend just as much money on female  athletes and sports as they did on the boys and allow girls to compete in greater numbers and on a greater level. If transgender (born male) students end up winning the top spots in female competition eliminating some girls in the process isn’t the whole purpose of Title IX over turned?

Also, what prevents coaches from seeking out ‘ringers’ to improve their teams and records? The only real requirement is for a student to ‘claim’ to be transgender. With college scholarships as the prize, this is going to happen for sure. If any student can potentially ‘claim’ to be ‘female’ then Title IX will no longer mean a thing?               *Top

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