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-Franklin Graham on The Atheist Rally in DC

by Dr. D ~ June 6th, 2016

Response: The DC atheist rally fell far short of the 30,000 that was expected but you would never know that by the ‘good face’ title that CNN put on their coverage. Far different than the lack of coverage that ‘Right to Life’ or Christian rallies seem to receive from the MSM.

Also on Saturday night and through the wee hours of Sunday morning this website was ‘bombed’ simultaneously with an onslaught of 3,478 ‘human’ visitors (probably programed computer simulations) and over 2,888 bots staying on the site for hours requesting one post link after another trying to take down the server and this website for the 4th time in a month. Fortunately the recent upgrade seemed to handle the DDoS uptick.

Not only was the timing interesting but the posts that were repeatedly requested in the attack were actually two of the major issues named at the rally: atheism and global warming.                *Top

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