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-The Angry Opposition to Free Speech in America

by Dr. D ~ June 3rd, 2016

There was a time in America when a variety of differing views were tolerated. I went to college in the ’60s when the ‘free speech’ movement began in the San Francisco Bay area (UC Berkeley). Looking at the news today I see that Trump supporters were attacked in that same area (San Jose). I do not like Trump but that kind of response is un-American from my perspective.

Continuing my diatribe on free speech and toleration. Rather than intelligently answer those who one may disagree with, now the most popular tactic is to shut down and silence the opposition altogether. We see this happening on college and university campuses all the time in the same places where toleration use to be championed.

The last two days this website has been in the midst of an attack coming from that same San Francisco Bay area (apparently from a group of atheist activists) which use to support independent thinking. A group of hackers attacked on Wednesday and took down the host server in the process and for nearly two days I was blocked out of my own site.

This is the second successful DDOS attack by this same group in the last 30 days. I guess that may be the price of success and in some ways I should be flattered. What began 10 years ago as a personal blog that a few friends and family members looked at once in a while has turned into an ‘international’ internet ministry that receives 10,000 views a month from nearly every country in the world. That kind of visibility also brings along with it attention that you may not want and in this case angry opposition. It is a sad commentary on where we are at in this culture right now that so many respond in anger and try to silence those who they disagree with.              *Top

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