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-Backlash: 11 States Suing Obama Over School Transgender Bathroom Overreach

by Dr. D ~ May 26th, 2016


There are now 11 states, with more on the horizon, suing President Obama over his public school transgender bathroom mandate. Here’s the story from Townhall:

Texas was the first state to push back against the Obama administration’s transgender bathroom mandate,  …

Now, 10 other states are joining the Lone Star State in a lawsuit against the White House, two of which have Democratic governors.

The state of Texas is the lead plaintiff and was joined by Alabama, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Utah and Georgia, plus the Arizona Department of Education and the governor of Maine.”

<Read the whole article>

Response: Does a president really have the right to dictate a policy to local school districts in 50 states? This goes way beyond transgender bathrooms or civil rights and what ever you may think about that issue. Our whole Constitutional form of  government is at stake.

It is imperative that this constitutional overreach be quickly and effectively challenged and legally checked. Otherwise a precedence will be established that exponentially increases the powers of the US presidency far beyond what was intended by the founders or the Constitutional division of powers. Unchecked, this abuse of Executive Orders could lead someday to an autocratic presidential dictatorship that can override the Congress, the States, and even eventually the Judiciary.  Plus under the emergency powers of the Patriot Act already in place (Thanks to George W. Bush), a future president could conceivably suspend the Bill of Rights, stop elections, and even have any opposition imprisoned all in the name of a ‘national crisis.’

President Obama has stated on a number of occasions that he prefers the European parliamentary system over the Constitutional form of government we have in America. He has talked about his frustrations over the lack of support for his programs in Congress and the limitations that our Constitutional system has placed upon his pursuit of progressive change for America. He has also stated that he is unhappy with the response of the individual states to some of his policies.

In response, he has now taken matters into his own hands and has chosen on a number of different occasions to go over the heads of the Congress and the individual states and make extra-constitutional Executive Orders that defy traditional executive limitations. The Transgender school bathroom mandate is the most blatant executive overreach to date.

It is the job of the federal judiciary to check and maintain the Constitutionally defined powers and limitations. The problem is that we now have a federal judiciary in place that doesn’t really care that much about upholding the Constitution. But rather seems to be more concerned about advancing progressive social issues.

Bottom line, we are living in dangerous times. It is time to stand up and be counted.               *Top

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