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-New York City: $250K Fine For Using ‘Wrong’ Pronoun For Transgender Folk?

by Dr. D ~ May 23rd, 2016


(New York City panorama: Wikipedia) 

New York City is planning to give out fines up to $250,000 for willfully using the ‘wrong’ pronoun for transgender folk. Here’s the story from LifeSiteNews:

New York City’s human rights commission says it will fine New York employers and landlords up to $250,000 for using the wrong pronoun to refer to a transgender person.

The New York City Commission on Human Rights’ “Guidance on Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Expression” interprets existing human rights laws against discrimination based on gender to include gender expression, defined as “actual or perceived sex and shall also include a person’s gender identity, self-image, appearance, behavior or expression,” regardless of someone’s biological sex.  …

Legal experts say the guidance violates constitutional guarantees of free speech.

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Response: So now in New York City violating ‘Political Correctness’ comes with a fine of up to $250K? What about the First Amendment including Free Speech and religio9us liberty? Will Ministers, Churches, Christian institutions, and organizations also be subjected to this type of unconstitutional overreach?

There doesn’t seem to be any reference to religious accommodation of any kind in the document guiding this policy which requires employers to provide whatever bathroom, locker room, and now pronoun usage according to ones preference on any given day.                *Top

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