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-Hillary: Every Woman in America Should Have Federally Mandated Contraceptive Coverage

by Dr. D ~ May 20th, 2016

Hillary Clinton Verified account ?@HillaryClinton

Every woman, no matter where she works, deserves birth control coverage. This shouldn’t be a question. #SCOTUS -H

2:47 PM – 16 May 2016

In Response to the recent SCOTUS decision on the Little Sisters of the Poor, a group of Catholic Nuns opposing the Obama administration Contraceptive Mandate, Hillary Clinton tweeted that every woman in America should get federally mandated contraceptive coverage regardless of where she works.  See the Townhall article.

This is a real indication that Hillary would continue the Obama Contraceptive Mandate if elected president. It also gives us a pause to consider how deficient and oppressive her administration might be when her ideology conflicts with religious liberty and the First Amendment.               *Top

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