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-Female Genital Mutilation a Growing Problem in the USA?

by Dr. D ~ May 20th, 2016


With the rise of Muslim immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa comes a new abusive and illegal Muslim cultural practice that has caught the eye of FBI investigators- female genital mutilation. Here’s the story from Townhall:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is currently looking into a number of tips and leads regarding illegal, female genital mutilation in the United States.  ,,,

We believe some of it is being conducted by medical practitioners—physicians, nurses, midwives—and some by female elders within the communities who have the distinction of being what is called a cutter,”

Special Agent Kerry Sparks, who works in the FBI Human Rights Unit, said about the practice.  …

According to those who engage in the practice female genital mutilation, which occurs in predominantly Muslim communities and neighborhoods, is justified because the practice is "deeply rooted" in religious practice and beliefs. The practice is conducted by both men and women in these communities.

<Read  the whole article>

Response: This growing problem in America has been kept under cover by the main stream media for fear of increasing ‘Islamophobia’ in this country and the opposition to Muslim immigration. Also law enforcement, including the FBI, has mostly turned a blind eye to this growing issue since it is so closely identified with one particular protected religion.

I find it ironic that those who currently in the forefront of those who support an increase in Muslim immigration along with Islamic cultural rights are also progressives and liberals who stand up for women’s rights and the rights of LGBT folks both undercut and normally denied in Islamic teaching.

There is a double standard right now in America. Christian businesses including bakers, printers, flower shops, and wedding chapels and institutions are being fined and forced to participate in same-sex marriages and offer transgender bathrooms while Muslim business owners and institutions are left untouched by activists and in reality are not even, along with a wink, expected to comply with LGBT political correctness. Can you imagine the uproar and viral controversy if it was a ‘Christian’ group that was doing female mutilations?

Female genital mutilation is not a procedure required specifically by the Quran or Islam, but it is rooted in the Muslim culture and widely practiced in Muslim dominated countries where woman are considered to be the property of their families or husbands. It will be interesting to watch and see if practitioners of this illegal procedure will actually be arrested and legally processed in the future. I really doubt it. But if they are, what will their defense be- freedom of religion?

The practice comes from a Muslim cultural mindset that expects women to be virtuous regardless and the seeking of sexual pleasure to be the natural providence of men. This is echoed in the pronouncements of radical Islamic teachers that terrorists martyred in the cause of Islam will receive 70 virgins in the afterlife. One wonders what women martyrs might receive?               *Top

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