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-Civil Disobedience Against Obama’s Transgender School Policy

by Dr. D ~ May 20th, 2016


At least 12 states have reacted against President Obama’s transgender school policy demands and at least one Congressman is calling for civil disobedience over the issue.

In reality, this policy is dependent upon local school districts and local administrators to administer it. Look for hundreds of school districts in conservative areas to ignore this executive order. With less than a year left to his reign, President Obama will not be able to follow through with any implied threats of legal action or the withholding of federal funds.

Look also for this to become a real campaign issue this election year on many different levels. President Obama with this unconstitutional overreach has not helped his party or their candidates at all. The next President will be forced to deal with this executive order and debacle one way or another.  See our original article on this issue: 

-Obama Administration Trying to Force ‘Transgender Bathrooms’ on All America


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