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-Obama Administration Trying to Force ‘Transgender Bathrooms’ on All America

by Dr. D ~ May 13th, 2016


Nearly two years ago I wrote that ‘transgender bathrooms’ would be the next big national ‘civil rights’ issue promoted by LGBT activists. First California past legislation to force it on all of their public schools. Next we had the blow up in Houston, Texas where it was initiated in spite of huge opposition by the people and Christian pastors in particular since it would have been forced upon church institutions. Then the pastors themselves came under attack by the mayor and city but in the end the bathroom ordinance was voted down by the people.

Now the Obama administration is actively trying to force ‘transgender bathrooms’ on all of America. First of all the justice Department is trying to co-op the states on this issue by suing North Carolina over their law requiring folks to use the public bathrooms that match their birth certificate. Here’s the story from Townhall:

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced on Monday that the Department of Justice was filing a federal civil rights lawsuit against the state of North Carolina, Gov. Pat McCrory, the North Carolina Department of Public Safety and the University of North Carolina for passing the "controversial law" (this is the go-to characterization of conservative bills that pass with healthy majorities) requiring transgender people to use public bathrooms matching their birth certificate. She had this to say:

"This is not the first time that we have seen discriminatory responses to historic moments of progress for our nation. We saw it in the Jim Crow laws that followed the Emancipation Proclamation. We saw it in fierce and widespread resistance to Brown v. Board of Education. And we saw it in the proliferation of state bans on same-sex unions intended to stifle any hope that gay and lesbian Americans might one day be afforded the right to marry."

<Read the whole article>

Second, according to reports, today the Obama administration is sending out letters to all of the public schools in America demanding that they allow their students to use the bathrooms of their choice. While it does not rise to the level of a law, federal funding for schools is at stake so there is an implied threat attached to the declaration. Here’s the story from the Blaze:

The Obama administration will direct public schools across the country on Friday to permit transgender students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity.

“A school may provide separate facilities on the basis of sex, but must allow transgender students access to such facilities consistent with their gender identity,” said a letter, obtained by TheBlaze, being sent to schools.

“A school may not require transgender students to use facilities inconsistent with their gender identity or to use individual-user facilities when other students are not required to do so,” it added.

<Read the whole article>

Response: So it no longer matters what Americas want or believe? This issue is going to be jammed down our throats regardless of any potential abuses or consequences. In the case of the states, the justice Department is going to use the courts and activist judges to get it done co-opting state and local laws.

What is really hard for me to understand is why the offering of ‘individual-user’ bathrooms to remediate this issue is somehow unacceptable,  ‘offensive,’ and deemed by the Obama administration and the activists to be against the Constitutional rights of transgender folks?

Once this is forced upon ‘public’ facilities look for the next round of legal attacks to come against private schools and businesses including religious institutions.               *Top

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5 Responses to -Obama Administration Trying to Force ‘Transgender Bathrooms’ on All America

  1. Brian

    Two observations about schools:

    (a) There are no exceptions made for any activity, no matter how private. For example, your 8th grade son/daughter is going to be in a PE class which will go swimming. Changing into swimsuits (then back into street clothes) will require undressing completely in front of peers – this causes great anxiety to an adolescent, even if the peers are all same sex. Can you imagine the level of anxiety that would be caused to the average adolescent if the peer group included individuals who are biologically of the opposite gender?

    The same situation will ensue if we talk about PE showers.

    Then consider a school trip — your 8th grader’s class is going on a school trip to City “X” to see the sights and tour all the museums. What are the sleeping arrangements for that trip? Well, traditionally, the students would be assigned roughly 4 to a hotel room, and sexually segregated. Now, in light of the Justice Department fiat, the school would be required to assign a biological male student to sleep in the same room as several female students (or vice-versa).

    Second observation: assume your son/daughter is distraught about having to change clothes in a PE locker room, take a PE shower, or be assigned to a hotel room for that school trip, with a “transgendered” student who is biologically of the opposite sex. I might add that you, as parent, are likely to be significantly upset about this situation as well. Can you get your child transferred to another PE class? Can you get your child assigned to another hotel room? The Justice Department’s imperial decree indicates that the answer is “no”.

    So, your child is required to take PE. Typically for a PE class, “dressing out” (including changing to swimwear on swim days) is mandatory. Showering may be mandatory. Passing or failing the class usually depends on “participation”. There is a transgendered student in the class, and the school refuses to transfer your student out of the class. What do you do?

    Final observation: The argument advanced frequently by the advocates of allowing transgendered individuals to use locker rooms/rest rooms and other facilities intended for the other biological sex is that the transgendered individual would be “uncomfortable” using the locker room/rest room that corresponds to the students biological gender. Fine. But what about the 40 students in the PE class who are going to be uncomfortable with student “x” being in their midst? Don’t they have an equal right to avoid being “uncomfortable?”

  2. Brian

    A couple of more thoughts:

    The current state of law is that students may be separated by gender for the purposes of classes in which human reproduction is discussed. See (34 CFR 106.34(e). Back when Title IX was being debated before Congress, on of the feminist advocates of Title IX pointed out the need for separate sex education classes, remarking that it would be hard enough for a 12 year old girl to ask a question that was concerning her about menstruation in front of the other girls, let alone in front of “a bunch of giggling boys”. The current Justice Department decree says you can still have single sex classes (presumably including sex ed) but transgendered students must be allowed to participate in the class of their choice:


    (see Section 3)

    The same section of the decree, at the link above, references sports teams. I predict, Dr D, that this will become a serious bone of contention. Imagine this scenario: A boy goes out for the basketball team and does not make the team. Perhaps at the urging/suggestion of a coach, he declares himself to be transgendered and now is playing on the girl’s basketball team. The presence of this tall male provides the girl’s team with an advantage. Other teams respond by putting their tall “transgendered” males on their team. Soon, biological girls are complaining that they are being edged out of playing high school sports because biological males (who are alleged to be transgendered, but who frequently just did not make the cut to be on the boys’ team) are filling their team’s starting roster. And, remember, that one of the fundamental goals of Title IX was the insure that there were plenty of athletic opportunities for girls to play on sports teams…..


  3. Dr. D

    Thanks Brian for the great observations. Actually scary, especially for those with children still in school. In my case I will be concerned about my grandchildren.

    I can still remember the problems we had 20+ years ago chaperoning a high school band and drill team on tour keeping the genders apart. I can’t image how one would deal with laws that actually demand accommodation for those who decide to be a different sex ‘for the day’ or night or the natural reactions to it.

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