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-Trump v Evangelical Theologian?

by Dr. D ~ May 10th, 2016


                   (Dr. Russell Moore: Wikipedia)                        (Donald Trump: Wikipedia)

Donald Trump recently called Russell Moore, who is a well respected evangelical church leader, ethicist, and theologian:

“..a terrible representative of Evangelicals and all of the good they stand for. A nasty guy with no heart!”

Here’s the story from the Blaze:

Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, has repeatedly made it more than clear that he’s not a fan of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Moore most recently took aim at the “reality television moral sewage” that he said is “coming through all over our culture” during an appearance on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday, relating that dynamic back to what he sees happening in the 2016 presidential campaign.  …

What we have in the Donald Trump phenomenon … is an embrace of the very kind of moral and cultural decadence that conservatives have been saying for a long time is the problem,”…

Trump apparently didn’t appreciate that sentiment, as the candidate sent a tweet on Monday morning that took direct aim at Moore. He wrote,

Russell Moore is truly a terrible representative of Evangelicals and all of the good they stand for. A nasty guy with no heart!

<Read the whole article>

Response: This demonstrates why I have very little hope for the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

It is very important for conservative Christians to vote for those who best reflect Biblical values and ethics. But who do you vote for when neither major candidate clearly represents traditional Christian standards and criticizes those who do? Vote for the least worse? Time to pray.

The choices before us demonstrate the folly of thinking that America’s problems can be solved through political means alone. Christians still need to vote but it is obviously time to pray for Spiritual change. Pray for America, we need revival, pray for a new awakening, pray for revival.               *Top

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4 Responses to -Trump v Evangelical Theologian?

  1. Susan

    I am a Christian and love the Lord. I think Trump could bring to the table some new ideas into the government that could possibly address some of the problems that neither Republicans or Democrats have been able to fix. Every election we talk about the same issues over and over that never get fixed. BTW, I am conservative, and under both parties we continue to dig the hole to Hell, so to speak. I want to give Trump a chance to see what he can do. I like the ideas he has proposed with immigration, trade, national security, the awful common core curriculum, etc. Let’s face it, we need new blood injected into our government. People who know Trump outside of campaigning say he is a very smart, nice man. There is no other candidate, in my humble opinion, that could have beat 16 other candidates for the nomination with all the negative press he has gotten. The people have spoken, don’t even think about taking the nomination away from him.

  2. Susan

    As a Christians, I would love to have nominated Mike Huckabee or Ben Carson for president. However, both of them are now getting behind Trump to give him advice and help. None of us like the name calling on all sides (and it has been on all side); I wish that was not the case. However, Hillary should be in prison instead of running for president and I think Trump is the only candidate that will put the truth out there concerning what she has done.

  3. Dr. D

    Thanks Susan,
    I had started observing the 2016 campaign with the axiom- “anyone but Hillary” and I have not changed in that regard. Nevertheless Trump is my least favorite candidate for facing Ms. Clinton. All we can do now is vote and pray and hope for the best.

    It is disconcerting that Trump is so thin skinned that he found it necessary to respond with a personal attack against a respected church leader rather than addressing the issue of the current cultural/ethical explosive campaign environment that was raised by Dr. Moore and only indirectly pointed at Donald as one of the major participants.

  4. Brian

    Alas, Dr. D, my axiom for 2016 is “anyone but Trump, Hillary, Sanders, Rubio, Christie. . . etc.”

    Is there any way to vote for none of the above?

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