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-Pakistan: Christian Girls Raped and Forced to Convert and Marry Muslim Captors

by Dr. D ~ April 26th, 2016


                                  (Map: Wikipedia)

Last week I wrote an article exposing how the US State Department continues to ignore Pakistan’s poor record when it comes to the persecution of Christians. I indicated that I could write at least one post a week documenting the ongoing abuse in that radical Muslim nation. Here’s just one story demonstrating what I am talking about. From the Christian Post:

Five Christian girls have been kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam just this month, according to a human rights group that monitors ongoing abuses of religious minorities in Pakistan.

"In April in the area of Kasur alone, five Christian girls were kidnapped and converted to Islam and forced to marry their captors. These girls are denied the legal protection of individual rights," said Sardar Mushtaq Gill, a lawyer with Legal Evangelical Association Development in Pakistan.

Fides News Agency reported Monday that the latest victim was 23-year-old Laveeza Bibi from the Kasur district in Punjab, who earlier this month was kidnapped by two Muslims who stormed her house armed with guns, kidnapping the girl and threatening her parents.

One of the abductors, identified by the name Muhammad Talib, reportedly forced Bibi to marry him and become a Muslim.

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Response: Incredibly when the Christian parents go to the police and make out a complaint against the Muslim captors they are totally ignored and told that their daughters are now ‘legally’ married and have converted to Islam. The authorities not only refuse to do anything about it but actually commend and support the actions of the ‘kidnappers’ and rapists.

This or something similar happens every week to Christian families somewhere in Pakistan.  Just this week the wife of a Christian serving in the Pakistani army was raped and tortured while he was gone serving his country. Again the authorities refused to do anything about it even though the perpetrators were clearly identified. In another case, a pregnant Christian wife was burned alive but the Muslim who did it was allowed to go free on bail.

Just another example of how the laws are applied differently and justice rarely prevails if one is a Christian in Pakistan. Meanwhile the US State Department continues to ignore these obvious abuses against international human rights.               *Top

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