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-A $1,000 Tax on The 2nd Amendment and Possible Applications to Religious Freedom?

by Dr. D ~ April 20th, 2016


There is a new trend in America started by those who oppose the second amendment and gun ownership. The idea is to tax the 2nd amendment out of practical existence. One American jurisdiction recently passed a $1,000 tax on the purchase of a gun and some cities like Seattle, Washington have already added an additional tax to the 2nd amendment purchases within their borders. Here’s the story from PJ Media:

If you are thinking about purchasing a gun and live in the Northern Marianas Islands, your decision just got a lot more expensive. The Northern Marianas Islands, a U.S. territory, just approved a $1,000 per gun tax.  …

Will this new plan to tax the public out of gun ownership be coming to state near you? The city of Seattle has a $25 tax called the "gun violence tax" to pilfer more money from law-abiding citizens. What’s to stop other states from slapping on a ridiculous tax as an impediment to purchasing a gun?

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Response: The whole idea is to circumvent the 2nd amendment without going through the nearly impossible task of actually amending the Constitution. If this tactic is successful and the courts go along with it; look for opponents of Biblical Christianity to explore new ways to limit or restrict the ‘establishment clause’ of the 1st Amendment.

Muslim countries in the Middle East claim to have ‘freedom of worship’ but tax individual Christians for the privilege of exercising this so-called freedom and restrict or even prohibit the building of new churches. I don’t see how a tax like this could happen anytime soon in America. But the building of new churches is already being restricted in many places in America and there are other startling possibilities for restricting religious freedom in the works.

Many major law schools are teaching their students that the traditional understanding of the 1st Amendment and freedom of religion should be re-interpreted as ‘freedom of worship’ which would restrict religious practice within the four walls of an official place of worship. If some future Supreme Court recognizes that popular ‘international’ interpretation then the 1st Amendment establishment clause will easily be circumvented without even a vote.

Already cities and counties all across America are restricting the building of churches through zoning laws in order to increase their tax base. There have even been reports of churches which have paid huge ‘fees’ (taxes?) in order to get permission to build on their own property. Then there are the recent court decisions that are stopping churches from renting schools and government buildings for meetings.  Also the alternative of meeting in homes for Bible study, worship, or prayer is already coming under assault in many cities. So where will churches who don’t already have their own buildings meet in the future?

Bottom line, religious freedom could be re-interpreted and through local zoning and fire laws the 1st Amendment could be restricted out of practical existence. Right now that possibility would seem to be remote and many might consider this article to be rather alarmist. But if you asked folks just 10 years ago about same-sex marriage becoming legal most would have thought it impossible. Yet it all changed rather quickly through court decisions which circumvented and by-passed the vote of the people.

If conservative Biblical Christianity continues to become more marginalized and culturally unpopular in the future, many social activists may look for new ways to legally restrict it for ‘the greater good’? Some may even suggest that traditional conservative Christianity can no longer be considered as a ‘religion’ but in reality is nothing but an excuse for prejudice and bigotry. Similar to the KKK. In fact I have already read a number of articles pressing that opinion, so it’s really not as farfetched as it may seem.  I do think that this may be a possible reality in our near future unless there is a major Christian revival or new spiritual awakening in America.                *Top

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