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-State Dept. Ignores Pakistan’s Poor Record of Christian Persecution?

by Dr. D ~ April 19th, 2016


Pakistan is consistently ranked among the worst countries in the world for Christian persecution. Yet the US State Department seems to continue to ignore that fact when they list the nations that they are particularly concerned about when it comes to religious freedom abuses. Here’s the story from CNS News:

For a record 14th year in a row, the State Department has overruled the advice of an independent statutory watchdog and decided not to blacklist Pakistan for religious freedom abuses.

The decision not to designate Pakistan a “country of particular concern” under the 1998 International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA) comes despite its government’s continuing rejection of calls to amend or rescind the world’s most notorious blasphemy laws – which carry the death penalty and are frequently used to target Christians and other minorities.

It also comes just days after a new U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) report highlighted dozens of instances of intolerance of religious minorities being promoted in public school textbooks in the Islamic country.

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Response: This really doesn’t make any sense when one continues to view the evidence. We could literally write about one abuse if not more against Christians in Pakistan every week.

Why is the State Dept. ignoring the obvious abuses carried on in this country against religious minorities, particularly Christians? Many will think that President Obama may have had some thing to do with this but it actually began long before he was in charge.

The following are my conclusions on why Pakistan is getting a pass:

First of all there is a secular environment at State that continues to define foreign policy regardless of who is in the White House. It has been a long time policy for professional US diplomats stationed in the Middle East and in Muslim dominated countries to go out of their way to de-emphasize any connection with Christianity.

Second, Pakistan is a nuclear power in a chaotic part of the world. The US needs to maintain a positive influence with those who have their fingers on the buttons if at all possible. 

Third, the kid glove treatment of Pakistan began 14 years ago when the US sent troops into Afghanistan. I believe that the State has turned a blind eye to the many abuses and outright persecution going on in Pakistan in order to preserve access to a major supply road going into Afghanistan from Pakistan.                 *Top

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