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-Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ Supports Jailing Climate Change Skeptics?

by Dr. D ~ April 18th, 2016


                  (Bill Nye: via Wikipedia)

In a recent interview, TV’s famous Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ seemed to support the idea that ‘climate change skeptics’ should be convicted and jailed like war criminals. Here’s the story from the Christian Post:

In a video interview with Climate Depot’s Marc Morano this week, Nye was asked how he feels about environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy’s call to jail climate skeptics for treason and lock them up at the Hague.  …

Nye, …continued, "For me as a taxpayer and voter — the introduction of this extreme doubt about climate change is affecting my quality of life as a public citizen. So I can see where people are very concerned about this, and they’re pursuing criminal investigations as well as engaging in discussions like this… That there is a chilling effect on scientists who are in extreme doubt about climate change, I think that is good."

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Response: Scary. There are so many folks lately calling for some kind of limits to free speech and academic freedom for a variety of different reasons.

Christians and others who do not completely accept or adapt to the current popular thinking in various fields of study are already being locked out of academic positions and promotions. That’s bad enough but now there are voices actually calling for convictions and prison time for those who do not agree with the current prevailing ‘scientific’ views .

It really does remind me of what happened to some of the early scientists who challenged the popular thinking of their day during the middle ages and found themselves in jail or worse. The church many times was to blame for those abuses but now modern scientists and academics who are horrified by those historical limitations on study and speech are now calling for similar actions today?

Scientific ‘facts’ have always been in flux. The prevailing thinking of former years is consistently being overturned. The same evidence is sometimes interpreted differently by scientists. Do we really want to add political force to the equation and demand a certain PC outcome for all scientific investigation when it comes to global warming or climate change? It is ironic at the very least that folks like Bill Nye are actually displaying the same type of doctrinaire attitudes and demands that put early scientists in dungeons and chains.                 *Top

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