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-White House Censors French President’s Reference to ‘Islamist Terrorism’

by Dr. D ~ April 1st, 2016

President Obama and his administration has an on-going policy of  never connecting or referencing Islam in any way when it comes to terrorism. Sometimes this has reached a ridiculous level when they refuse to even acknowledge what the terrorists themselves claim to be their motivation. But this policy went way beyond the pale recently when they edited out the French President’s reference to ‘Islamist Terrorism’ on an official WH video of a press event on terrorism with President Obama.  From the Washington Examiner:

The White House posted a video to its website this week that edited out French President François Hollande saying "Islamist terrorism" is "at the roots of terrorism.

Hollande and President Obama met this week to discuss France and the United States’ ongoing efforts to combat terrorism. The two world leaders also held a press event to discuss their coordinated strategies. …

Video of the press event was posted quickly to the White House’s website and YouTube channel, but it was soon pulled, according to the Media Research Center.

A version that excluded Hollande’s reference to "Islamist terrorism" was eventually uploaded in its place. Instead of hearing the French president’s remarks on terrorism, viewers hear nothing.

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Response: Unbelievable, but this is not a ‘April Fool’s’ joke. One wonders how many times the White House has edited other material to fit their PC policies and sensibilities. The  truth really doesn’t seem to matter to these folks when it comes to radical Islam. Earlier this week we posted about how the Obama administration has wasted $millions on research trying to  find the ‘real’ reasons folks become terrorists purposely leaving out any possible religious motives particularly from Islam.  

UPDATE: Later today the White House put the original unedited video back up after the attempt to censor the French President’s statement hit the Internet fan.  They claim it was just a techno glitch? Right.

It would be great if the  administration could stop Islamist terrorism by editing them out of existence like they have tried to do with renaming ISIS.                *Top

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