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-California: Cross on Private Land Cut Down

by Dr. D ~ April 1st, 2016


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Crosses have become controversial to many folks in the United States. Hundreds of crosses on public land have been taken down all across America due to lawsuits and complaints by atheist organizations.

Sometimes even after courts have ruled in favor of leaving the crosses intact they have been taken down and destroyed anyway by activist vandals like what happened to the Mohave memorial cross following a ruling by the Supreme Court. Atheist organization leaders have always claimed that it was only the crosses on public land that bothered them but that is beginning to change.

Now the attacks upon crosses are going to an entirely new level. The new trend is to challenge crosses even on private land and on property owned by religious organizations. Increasingly zoning and city ‘sign’ policies are being used as an excuse to limit their placement and size. But now in the City of Riverside, California a cross on private land which was part of a religious retreat center has been attacked and cut down.  Here’s the story from the Blaze:

Vandals destroyed a large cross that stood iconically over a Riverside, Calif., community since the 1960s. …

Father Mel Davis, who lives at the center, couldn’t understand why someone would cut down the cross.

“It’s very sad. I really don’t know why someone would need to destroy the religious symbol of anyone else,” he said. And Father Paul Schmidt, who also works at the center, went a step further, describing the cutting as “a real act of violence.”

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2 Responses to -California: Cross on Private Land Cut Down

  1. Brian

    Think about publicly owned/maintained cemeteries with all the religious symbols and Biblical quotations on headstones. The day is coming when atheists will want all those headstones removed, defaced or otherwise altered.

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