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-FDA Expands Abortion Pill Use Despite Health Risks & Deaths

by Dr. D ~ March 31st, 2016


From the Christian Post:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved an extension for the use of abortion drug Mifeprex up to 70 days of pregnancy on Tuesday from a previous limit of 49 days despite possible health risks, including death.  …

Mifeprex was first approved by the FDA in 2000 when it was also known as RU-486.  …

Randall K. O’Bannon, director of education & research at the National Right to Life organization said in a statement Wednesday that the changes approved by the FDA only benefit the drug company and charged that at least 14 deaths have stemmed from the use of Mifeprex.

"Many suspected that today’s announcement by the FDA was a long time coming. Despite a record of at least 14 known deaths, and thousands of women suffering significant adverse events, the FDA relaxed safety standards and modified the protocol for mifepristone/misoprostol chemical abortions that had been in place since September of 2000," …

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Response: The side affects, risks, and death record of this abortion pill demonstrates to me that this decision was more likely based upon leftist political philosophy than on actual health considerations. Especially since it is coming from the most radical pro-abortion administration ever. Note also that the acting FDA commissioner, like the previous one, is a political appointee of Barack Obama.

This expanded use will undoubtedly result in more do-it-yourself abortions. Unfortunately it will also put more women at risk and result in far more complications and deaths.  Only hard core pro-abortion activists should see this expansion of possible problems as a good health care decision.                *Top

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