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-Fewer Americans Believing and Praying to God?

by Dr. D ~ March 23rd, 2016


According to a recent university study, the number of Americans who believe and pray to God hit an all time low in 2014. From the Christian Post:

The study… looked at data from 58,893 respondents to the General Social Survey, a nationally representative survey of U.S. adults administered between 1972 and 2014.

In 2014, five times as many Americans reported that they never prayed when compared with Americans in the early 1980s. Nearly twice as many over the same period also said they did not believe in God.  …

Americans in recent years, says the study, were less likely to engage in a wide variety of religious practices, including attending religious services, identifying as a religious person, and believing that the Bible is Divinely inspired. The biggest declines in their prayer life and belief in God have been seen among respondents between the ages of 18 and 29,  …

The one exception to the decline in religious beliefs was a slight increase in belief in the afterlife.

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Response: This study supports most of the recent polls and data available about Americans. We are still among the most ‘religious’ among Western nations but decidedly less than we use to be. The study does however give me some hope for the future.

It is no surprise that millennial’s are listed as the least religious. Many denominational studies have come to the same conclusion. The biggest surprise is the increase of belief in an ‘afterlife.’  One really does wonder what the basis for such a belief might be among unbelievers. It probably reflects a mere hope that there is some kind of continuation of existence and particularly a better life to come after death.

I believe that this affinity for a possible future life leaves the door open for a later conversion to faith in God and Christianity in particular as folks seek answers to an innate understanding of being, purpose, and hope for a future beyond this earthly existence.                *Top

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