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-Gay Activists Try to Get Religious Schools Kicked Out of NCAA Sports?

by Dr. D ~ March 22nd, 2016


Eighty different gay activist groups have attempted to get religious schools (Christian) that maintain traditional Biblical values and standards kicked out of NCAA sports. Here’s the story from the Blaze:

…  Protections under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prevent discrimination based on sex in education and sports programs that receive federal money, though religious schools have been able to ask for exemptions when they believe that the application of the law would be inconsistent with their values, …

It is with these facts in mind that Campus Pride is pushing back against schools that have requested religious-based waivers.

“The Title IX waiver allows campus administrators to deny transgender students admission, usage of public accommodations, and protections against anti-LGBTQ actions from students and faculty – all based on a student’s gender identity,” the group’s letter read. “The Title IX waivers requesting to discriminate against transgender students create an unsafe environment for all LGBTQ students, both in academics and athletics.”

The central goal of the letter was to ask the NCAA, which governs athletics at more than 1,100 schools across the nation, to divest and pull support from Christian or religious institutions that have made these requests for waivers.

<Read the whole article>

Response: Fortunately the NCAA rejected this attempt to get the Christian schools kicked out of college sports. From the NCAA response:

“Our diverse membership comprising over 1,100 schools all serve to educate students while preserving individual institutional values,” the response letter read, in part. “In doing so, the landscape of higher education offers students the opportunity to select from schools that value various attributes.”

The text continued, “While it is not our role to tell schools whom they should admit, the goal of higher education is to promote students making a decision based on their ability to evaluate multiple schools to find one that best meets their needs to be successful.”

This is just the opening salvo.  Meanwhile the gay activist groups say that they will continue their efforts.  In fact they are carrying on a serious ‘war’ against religious schools on many different levels.

An even more serious attempt to destroy religious schools (Christian educational institutions in particular) is developing through activist pressure on official collegiate accreditation organizations. We posted last year about the trouble that Gordon College was having with the their accreditation because of their Christian ‘code of conduct’ and opposition to same-sex marriage. Recently a contributor brought the following to  my attention:  BYU Law School has also come under accreditation scrutiny by the ABA (American Bar Assoc.) because of the standards of conduct required for members of the church (Mormon: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) which sponsors and supports the school.  Fact is, Christian schools would be irreparably damaged and many would eventually have to close down if they lost their accreditation.

On a even more serious note, LGBT groups are also strategizing on how they might legally force the government (through the courts and activist judges) to eliminate student loans for students attending religious schools that maintain standard of conduct that do not support homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and LGBTQ rights. Success in that one area would result in the closure of the majority of Christian colleges in America.  So much for freedom of religion, free speech, and the diversity of  moral views in American higher education.              *Top

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2 Responses to -Gay Activists Try to Get Religious Schools Kicked Out of NCAA Sports?

  1. Neil Aitchison

    Of course, we can avoid the cost of a same sex marriage plebiscite in Australia by simply leaving the Marriage Act as it is – no cost there…..but the SSM people want the change and are facilitating such an intense push that it requires an expensive solution to resolve. They cause the problem and then claim to be part of the solution. Their suffering that they claim to have is self-inflicted.

    Sometimes the truth hurts. Exposing the “unSafe Schools” program in Australia and exposing the same sex agenda is a good thing. For some people to try to undermine the family unit and create the illusion of “moral relativism” (that is, anything-goes-and-ignore-the-consequences) is creating discussion and critical thinking. The same sex agenda will be exposed for what it is: humanist/atheist social engineering. The more analysis, the better. Is our biological sex determined by nature or nurture?….it’s obviously the former because of our chromosomes. Is our gender different to our sex?….nope!….it’s only the subjective, post-modernist person of the “progressive” gay mindset who thinks that redefining words can somehow change reality. Since when is “progress” always a good thing anyhow? It’s all just tricky word-smithing and targeting the naive young children of our society (without parental approval) because they are easy pickings. Make-believe “medical” reports just facilitate the illusion. It’s all about choice: we all can choose to be the way we are created (the natural biological reality) or choose to be something different (fluid “whatever-you-feel-like” gender sexuality ) that is contrary to nature – the latter leads to an unhealthy, destructive, mixed up lifestyle. So blaming opponents of the “progressive” fluid sexuality won’t stop the confusion, anxiety, depression (suicide?) of GLBTIQ people…..it’s their chosen lifestyle that causes it. All the health warnings associated with their lifestyle are ignored thereby creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of hurt, destruction…..and possibly death. The current same sex push affects the way we ALL act and talk – ALL society suffers as a result. Trying to redefine words to get the “abnormal” to suddenly become “normal” (and “immorality” to suddenly become “morality”) doesn’t work and it is a form of delusion to even try it. Morality by any other name is still morality and immorality by any other name is still immorality. The whole social experiment of trying to engineer morality using political stunts, herd mentality and shove-it-in-our-face programs (like “unSafe Schools”), doesn’t change morality. Our children can now be warned of these manipulative maneuverings by hedonistic humanists/atheists so that the next generation won’t be so easily fooled as the last.

    It is inevitable now that schools will be polarised into “gay schools” and “non-gay schools” as the “gay schools” shout homophobia at anyone who does not want to be a homosexual (it will be a witch-hunt on all the time to “catch-out” the heterosexual and spew abuse at them just like Bill Shorten did to Cory Bernardi – no one wants to be on the run from the homo hit squad all day long) and the “non-gay schools” who are sick in the gut of having rampant hedonistic humanism/atheism shoved down our throats and so they want to live in peace by teaching their children the 3Rs and decency. The creators of the “Safe School” program obviously didn’t think through how their initiative will cause polarised “gay schools” and “non-gay schools” that will now eventuate – that is the path that we are now heading down. For schools/universities to support such a destructive program like “unSafe Schools”, it drags down their reputations and has me, for one, warning people not to send their children to such institutions – parents will vote with their feet (and their wallets) by not sending children to skewed schools/universities that are only into political activism and not into educating people.

    What a disgraceful joke!

    ….and there are gay-only groups that teach people how to have gay relationships, gay sex, etc….so much for homosexuality being “normal/natural” if you have to be taught it….and it is discrimination to make the group a gay-only group (oh….that’s right…..discrimination and abuse only works one way, the heterosexuals have to cop it).

    The Labor Leader, Mr Shorten, prompted and provoked a response from Senator Bernardi – Mr Shorten said “That would be the chap” first thereby prompting and provoking a response from Senator Bernardi. Many media articles fail to mention this but rather pretend that Mr Shorten was bullied for no reason and he used the “unSafe Schools” program to deal with the “bully Bernardi”. No one should prompt or provoke hostility whether in the parliament or the play ground. If people think that what Mr Shorten did is acceptable and that the “unSafe Schools” program encourages LGBTIQ (did I miss a letter?) children to similarly go around prompting and provoking hostility in schools and then crying “victim” when they get criticized, then the “unSafe Schools” project is indeed as dangerous as Senator Bernardi says. The more that we are finding out about this “unSafe Schools” program, the more dangerous it becomes. Mis-reporting by people is causing a growing resentment and disgust against same sex marriage and if the media thinks that the Australian public are too stupid to see through skewed reporting, they are wrong. The same sex marriage lobby group keeps doing this sort of thing over-and-over again and it shows how devious and dishonest they are. The media should not be adopting the same devious and dishonest tactics in their reporting.

    The “unSafe Schools” program tells kids that gender is fluid and sexuality is not definable. It tells kids that Gender is how you feel. The program encourages kids to classify themselves while simultaneously denigrating such classification. It is a view of human sexuality and gender which is entirely constructed and removed from reality. It teaches kids that their personal feelings are paramount and that they should expect EVERYONE to affirm them. It makes kids who choose to be LGBTIQ hypersensitive and on the lookout for anything that might remotely be classified as bullying. The entire foundation of the programme is constructed on conjecture and dodgy use of statistics.

    Also, there is no homophobia…..just a different opinion. People who disagree with same sex relationships simply disagree, nothing more. Calling it homophobia is a cop out for not having a legitimate reason to have a same sex relationship and so to silence your critics, you use emotive name calling. The whole name calling stunt has worn out and people are not put off by being called homophobia, hate speecher or bigot because name calling is an acknowledgement that you have lost the argument. If equality is what the same sex marriage advocates want, then equality for all types of marriage would be allowed. To limit their marriage re-definition to only include “two consenting adults” is being unequal to the people wanting other forms of marriage – so it is quite a big lie to claim that SSM is “marriage equality”. If you want to save money on a “wasteful” plebiscite, then simply leave the Marriage Act as it is – no cost involved then!…..but the same sex lobby pushing for a change are creating the cost.

    The same sex lobby have used the Anti-discrimination Act to try and silence the Roman Catholic Church in Tasmania…..so already this bully tactic has been used. The Australian Christian Lobby are addressing this existing misuse of the Anti-discrimination Act and simply saying that such bully tactics should not be used by anyone (either the “yes” side or the “no” side) to silence people and stop free speech. The way that the media has made out the ACL are wanting favouritism or somehow circumventing the Anti-discrimination Act is further evidence of how devious and deceitful the SSM advocates are. The obvious outcome is that it will backfire and more and more people will be chased over to the “no’ side – that’s what happens when you lie too much for too long. 

    There is no hatred, bigotry or discrimination to uphold the millennia-old understanding that marriage is solely between a man and a woman. At worst, it is just a difference of opinion, and at best, it is upholding history for a reason – opposite sex marriages are the only way that civilizations can thrive and be prosperous (you can have children to start with and then to structure ethics, honesty and decency). The family unit is vital to how society functions and when it is distorted or changed, so does society. Already, heterosexual children are told not to use the terms “boy, girl, him, her, mummy, daddy, etc” because these terms are gender specific and oppose the same-sex/transgender identification – so heterosexual people (from a very young age onwards) are impacted in thousands of ways by the same sex marriage re-definition. Plus all heterosexual marriages change from being recognised as “married to a member of the opposite sex for life” to “someone I am temporarily having sex with” which, for me, would be insulting if I was in anyway assumed to be married just for sex or to another man. So every time I say the words “I’m married”, my marriage is being damaged by the re-definition of marriage. My feelings are as valid as any homosexual’s feeling and should be equally considered seriously in the whole same sex marriage debate. Failure to do so shows that the same sex marriage issue is not about love and equality, but solely a political stunt to legalize rampant hedonism and a blatant attack on Christianity. If you want honesty, then there it is. 

    The Rome Empire that had rampant hedonism  and debauchery in the 1st-3rd centuries were not Christian (they killed Christians for sport in the “circuses” where lions would eat Christians) and the Emperor Constantine turned to Christianity as a way out of the horrors going on in the Roman society. So there is a perfect example of how we must also avoid the same horrors of rampant hedonism and debauchery by following the Christian teachings. In other words, we can be “saved from ourselves”. The ACL and Senator Cory Bernardi are highlighting the unfair and dishonest name-calling and dirty political tactics used by the same sex lobby group to silence their critics and shove their agenda down our throats. This will be highlighted a thousand times as the same sex lobby group continue with their dishonest bully tactics and prove the ACL to be true over-and-over-and-over again.    

    I am HAPPY to have a plebiscite for two reasons – 1. it will show the true support (or lack thereof) of SSM and 2. it will placate the losing side to accept the outcome because indeed, the people have spoken – that’s democracy. This is why the cost of a plebiscite is worth it. The half-billion dollar price tag for the plebiscite is a make-believe number to try a scare people away from the plebiscite, so it is another example of the sly and devious actions of the SSM people. I don’t think there is any where near a majority of Australians supporting SSM and the SSM advocates are trying to “talk” their way into a law change by trying to say that there is a “SSM majority support” by quoting make-believe, dodgy/skewed polls…..and any dishonest, tricky, sly wordsmithing with the plebiscite question will defeat it’s purpose because the losers will continue to cry foul thereby increasing the animosity. If there is ever an issue that needs to be conducted fair and square, this is it. Already, the SSM side have used name-calling, bully tactics by threats of Anti-Discrimination claims, “shove-it-down-our-throats” programs, swamp the media and social networks, herd mentality, misreporting, pretending it won’t affect heterosexuals, ignore millenia-old principles, target naive young children without parental approval or knowledge (like preying on kindergarten and pre-school toddlers and the “unSafe Schools” for pre-teens), sabotage the public service to make incremental law changes to get their way and adopt the “victim mentality”….and yet they still haven’t convinced the majority of Australians that what they are doing is “good, innocent, safe, loving, tolerant, inclusive and healthy” for our society. Reality points to the opposite.

    ….or you could leave marriage as it is and then the existing married people don’t have to explain their reasons for being married when it is redefined into a pathetic meaningless word…..and can you tell the homosexuals to simply “get guidance counselling” (with a fake sympathetic look on your face) as the sole way to overcome their issues?….oh no….that would have you strung up on the spot. You expect the heterosexuals to cop it in every way possible. This is the problem with SSM advocates – they are being more and more self-centred as the days go by and, of course, they are turning people off their homosexual lifestyle as they do it. If homosexuals are going to act like the SSM advocates, then Australia will be completely in the sewer.

    There is a shameless, unrelenting agenda by politicians that are openly part of the LGBTIQ (is “A” and ”P” being added on the list as well?) community and the same sex lobby group, the latter having sabotaged our public institutions, to “educate” the up-and-coming generation about their “anything-goes” sexual agenda at an early age and quash all objection. They are not content to do their own thing amongst themselves, so they are forcing their agenda on everyone, everywhere – they are getting into everything and no one is safe from their onslaught. They are using innocent sounding statements of “acceptance”, “safety”, “protection”, “equality”, “tolerance”, “respect”, “love”, etc as sly propaganda words for the perverse sexualising of society (the more recent is the attack on our innocent toddlers in kindergarten and pre-schools, in addition to the pre-teen “unSafe Schools” programs) trying to legitimise their sick agenda by quoting make-believe medical studies and authoritatively sounding “experts” – it is all social engineering and deception on a grand scale. Make no mistake, they are trying to steal our children for their own selfish political agenda leaving parents on the outer. Emotive stories from families and experiences are used to ‘put a face’ on their issues and quash any dissent to what is an unnatural lifestyle choice. It is all lies and manipulation. Don’t be fooled. It’s more than time to be vocal and stop the sexually perverted filth from poisoning the minds of our children and society as a whole. Say to your local kindergarten and schools that you don’t want children perverted with the “anything goes” sex agenda and if they won’t listen to you, then vote with your feet (and wallets) and take your children elsewhere. Also tell your local MP how disgusting it all is and that he/she should stop dancing to the tune of the sexually perverted “Pied Piper” – say that you will not give them your vote in the election….and you might even campaign against them.

    It is scientifically proven that there is no “gay gene” that anyone is born with – it is a choice. It is normal for young people to have hormones wash through their bodies, and we decide whether we will handle our sexual drive with appropriate restraint to avoid the incredible damage it will do to us and others or insist we can live as we feel regardless of the consequences and then force others to accept our choice without calling them out. The most recent census states that only 2% of Australian adults have LGBTIQ leanings showing that children adopt their born sexuality once they pass into adult hood. Suicide in the LGBTIQ is because of their relationship issues (not because of people opposing them)….in other words, their lifestyle choice creates impractical relationship issues that lead to a large percentage committing suicide. The take over of our public service by these people allows all sorts of government sanctioned and endorsed materials, support groups and recruitment environments to cement these people into the LGBTIQ community contrary to facts and wisdom (at tax payers expense) – it is deplorable. The world wide LGBTIQ agenda has become coordinated and has honed their labels they use to define themselves, their push for acceptance and their total bigotry in not allowing anyone to have an opposing point of view. When confronted with scientific fact and the logical outcomes of the agenda, name calling with predefined emotive labels like bigots, haters, homophobes and transphobes are reverted to. Their name calling is an admission of defeat because they cannot dispute the arguments against homosexuality. It is emotional “brow-beating”, that’s all. 

    The activity that is left behind in the school yard has been allowed to flourish on social media as a tool of social engineering/indoctrination and not innocent social interaction (as all the social websites claim). Dissenting voices are howled down. Dressing up the homosexual agenda with “pretty” colours, like the rainbow and glitter, makes it all look pleasant and fun, but behind the mask is an ugly, deceitful worldview destroying lives, families and society. The clear evidence of the impact of their lifestyle choices is shouted down with online shaming, financial recriminations, indoctrination in our schools as the definition of what is acceptable is broadening. Just a couple of years ago it was only the issue of homosexuality that was pushed at every possible moment in the media and in our schools now it is transgender and sexual fluidity (gender therapy) that you can be and do whatever you want or feel and no one can call you to account on the impact it has on you and others in society around you. Talk about screwing up people’s minds and lives – this is the ultimate “if it feels good, do it” philosophy causing the worst possible outcome. The physical, emotional and psychological damage that is done to LGBTIQ people and the broader community is as extreme as any war-torn or disease-ridden country….and it is all self-inflicted by slick marketing and “overwhelm the opposition” strategies.  

    The options of ‘unnatural’ diverse/fluid sexuality that we are all ‘educated’ to accept, tolerate, turn a blind eye to and endorse will only increase and broaden to include untold acts of debauchery…..along with the perverted sexualisation of naive children leading to horrific “child-on-child” sex abuse, child grooming for sexual predators, STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and a new generation of stolen children. The scars will run deep and where will be the same sex lobby group to help all the victims and solve the horror that they cause?…..hiding behind their “love” and “equality” banners living in their dream world of “do-anything-you-want-without-accepting-the-consequences”. Are our political leaders so easily fooled by all this – it seems so…..in fact they are trying to out do each other in the race to the bottom of the abyss.

    My awareness of Creator God in my life is as real as the people I meet and the computer I am sitting in front of now – just because non-Christians have not experienced the same thing doesn’t make it less real, it just means that they are missing out on part of life that is available to them, but they don’t want it. That is why the Bible is so important is because it provides us with the knowledge of reality as the Creator God made it and it gives us supernatural insight into human nature by explaining the good and the bad – it acts as the reference point (or measure) to determine “right from wrong”, “good from bad”, “moral from immoral”, “lust from love”, etc….without a reference point, you cannot possibly determine these things other than “what you make them up to be”. The logical implication of making truth whatever we want it too be (ie. “progressive moral relativism”, is that we all contradict ourselves as we all believe that “my truth is better than your truth”. This is the best proof yet that a Creator God exists and that His Word is truth. As creator, God then has the authority to do what He wants with creation including laying out the rules for living. I will therefore never be ashamed of my faith in God and my trust in God’s Word, the Bible. Homosexuality is unnatural because it doesn’t align with the natural order of the biological world as God created things and no “wishing” this away will change anything. God warns us of ignoring Him and He displays great pity on those who rebel against Him – that is why Jesus prayed (and I follow Jesus’ example): “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”.  

    btw, I am loving to homosexuals (the people), but I hate actions that are deceptive, hurtful to people and unnatural (including homosexuality). There is a difference…….I love the person, but hate the sin. Plus I am talking about the “same sex lobby group” and not individual homosexuals. I have met many homosexuals who don’t want same sex marriage laws because they don’t want the association with marriage – it is the same sex lobby group that are stirring the pot and causing so much trouble. 

    Why do I oppose same sex marriage?…Firstly, it denies me my rights – even though you want SSM, you should equally accept that heterosexuals have a right to keep marriage as it’s current definition and the heterosexual’s anguish as a result of the marriage definition being changed is just as valid and serious as the homosexual’s anguish who wants it changed. In other words, all the reasons that homosexuals use to change the definition of marriage can be equally used for the heterosexual to NOT have the definition of marriage changed. You only look at the SSM side and ignore all the valid points that non-SSM people have for rejecting SSM.

    Secondly, having same sex marriage affects me in my home life in a thousand ways:
    – it affects what my child will be taught at schools,
    – it affects the terminology that we use (such as “him, her, boy, girl, mummy, daddy, etc” because these distinctions are not compatible with same sex families),
    – it changes what I mean when I say to people that “I’m married”,
    – my child will be parroting SSM slogans/propaganda at home such as “marriage equality” when there is no such equality (it is actually redefinition of marriage) and “love is love” when there is no such love (it is actually “lust is lust”). I will constantly be needing to correct my child from all the propaganda phrases that the pro-gay schools teach and will need to explain how my child is being used as a pawn/puppet in a political campaign to socially engineer society. The “progressives” always want change, but since when is “progress” always for the better?
    – extra cost will be needed to be spent if my child decides to be a different “gender” from the biological “sex” meaning that all the clothes that were originally bought for my child will be wasted and a whole pile of new clothes will need to be bought for the unnatural “gender” change, plus there are all the sex-change hormone/anatomy treatments needed to be paid for (and then the reverse treatments when my child realises what is going on and wants to revert back to the natural, biological, chromosome-determined self – that’s what approx 80% of same sex people do when they get older),
    – I will have to battle with government authorities over keeping my child because the public service has been sabotaged by the “progressives” and they will do all that they can to steal my child from me.
    – I could go through all the agony of losing a child from AIDS at a young age as well as all the other health problems that are associated with same sex relationships or infected from other same sex people even if my child isn’t practising homosexuality…..and my taxes will be used to help pay for the massive increase in health problems that other same sex people incur as a result of their choice to be homosexuals.
    – my child will be told to reject the clear teachings of God’s Word, the Bible, that I hold dear to be the true words of the Creator God that we teach in our home. The SSM people will make every effort to turn my child off the Bible and try to remove any Bible input into my child’s life – thereby removing the possibility for my child to hear the Gospel and upon believing, receive eternal life. This is the hidden agenda of the humanistic/atheistic “progressives” which is to debunk the Bible and cut off everyone from believing the Gospel to receive eternal life. The SSM is a front to push sinful hedonism in every way possible and in every part of society as possible.
    – Another massive problem for me with SSM is how my child will been sexualised at an extremely young age (along with all the other children in kindergarten, pre-school and then primary school) and I will be constantly battling with the risk and/or actuality of horrific “child-on-child” sex abuse, child grooming for sexual predators, STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and a new generation of stolen children. These are already the inevitable result of sexualising our children. When children learn about adult-only sex issues, they are too young and immature to handle the information responsibly thereby leading the children to have “play sex” (that’s what the children call it) or doing “pretend sex” (their words) to make out that what they are doing isn’t real sex when it actually is. The result is children getting sexually active at pre-teen ages with devastating results. Connecting the dots between irresponsible child “sex talk” and irresponsible child “sex action” is very easy. And where is abstaining from sex until you get married mentioned in all of this??….it’s never mentioned!….God’s sacred use of sex within marriage is COMPLETELY ignored. The result is widespread hurt by pre-marital, unprotected, (sometimes forced) child sex just to be cool or because they have sexual concepts introduced into their unprepared minds that spark a curiosity to experiment with it. The bully kids can rape other kids and get away with it because they say it is only “play/pretend” sex. Needless to say, the sex acts are in ALL shapes and forms…..PARENTS: please beware of what can happen to your children. This is the inevitable result of sexualising our young people.

    This will be a generation of abused children, poor things.

    Btw, is “abstinence from sex until you are married” ever taught as an option?….no, never.

    …..it is selfish for homosexuals to think that they can get what they want from the redefinition of marriage and yet totally ignore the loss that heterosexuals get from their redefinition of marriage. 

    The greatest Biblical truth is in Romans 1:16-32. No honest person can disagree with the passage because it is being fulfilled before our very eyes (for example: “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools”, “vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened”, “uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts”, “God gave them up unto vile affections”….and verses 28-31 describes most of our politicians perfectly).  There is plenty in the passage that talks about “dishonour(ing) their own bodies between themselves” and “for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly”…..hmmm….it’s not hard to work out what it says. 

    Thanks for reading.

  2. Dr. D

    Neil, I usually don’t allow whole ‘article’ like comments to appear as responses to my posts. However it was interesting to me to see that Christians in Australia are facing some of the same problems with gay activists that we are here in America.

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