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-USC: Student Leader Faces Impeachment for Being Too Conservative?

by Dr. D ~ March 11th, 2016


In the 60’s there was a ‘free speech’ movement on college and university campuses all across America. The whole point at that time was to allow the students to be exposed to and express diverse opinions and speeches. Even for causes that were unpopular or in downright opposition prevailing thinking among the powers that be in America. How things have changed in a generation.

Now only PC progressive thought is allowed free reign and increasingly conservative and Christian attitudes and speakers are being eliminated, or at the very least, discriminated against and even censored on campuses all across America in the 21st century. There is no longer any semblance or pretense of ‘free speech’ when it comes to conservative ideas, thinking, or causes. This trend does not bode well for the future of our republic and for the continuing support of our Constitutional rights from the next generation of leaders.

The following articles demonstrate how far this has gone on at least at one major university in California-USC. A student leaders is facing possible impeachment for supporting conservative issues and free speech:

Student Senator Faces Impeachment for Conservative Beliefs

University Goes on Witch Hunt for Conservative Students


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