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-2015 Worst Year Ever for Christian Martyrdom but Obama Administration Refuses to Call It What It Is?

by Dr. D ~ March 10th, 2016


According to a report from Open Doors USA, 2015 was the worst year ever for the persecution and martyrdom of Christians around the world. Here’s the story from Fox News:

Beheadings, imprisonment and eviction from ancestral homelands made 2015 the worst year on record for persecution of Christians, with North Korea topping a list of 10 otherwise Muslim nations as the most dangerous places for followers of the Gospel, according to a new report.

Islamic extremism and authoritarian governments combined to make last year the worst in modern history for Christians around the world, according to Open Doors USA. The trend spiked upward in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia, with thousands of Christians killed or imprisoned, and even more chased from their homes.

"Islamic extremism continues to be the primary driving force behind the expansion of persecution,” said Open Doors President and CEO David Curry. “It is no longer just a Christian problem, but a global problem that must be addressed.”  …

“As the dominant power in the free world, [the U.S.] must lead the charge in bringing more relief and aid to those suffering," he said.

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Fact is, not only is the Obama administration not leading the way in addressing this problem, key players in the American government like President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry refuse to call it what it is or even substantially help the Christian refugees.

For instance, it is obvious that ISIS and the Boko Haram are going out of their way to persecute and kill Christians and in the process are destroying 100’s of churches and even whole villages killing men, women, and children but the Obama administration refuses to even admit that a radical form of Islam is providing the philosophical grounds for the slaughter. The Catholic group- the Knights of Columbus are demanding that President Obama and Sec. Kerry finally call it what it really is- genocide. Here’s the story from CNS News:

…  The foot-dragging and hesitancy of this administration in calling it genocide is inexplicable. Why do they have to be prodded to do what is right?

All of us have seen the horrific images of 21 Coptic Christians lined up on a North African beach and beheaded. These Egyptian martyrs died with the name of Jesus on their lips. These murders, rapes, arsons, and kidnappings are taking place daily in regions where ISIS has extended its bloodstained reach.

We see as well the destruction of homes, schools, and churches. Christians and other religious minorities are given the choice of conversion to Islam, paying extortionate sums (called jizya) to their persecutors, or fleeing.

These are no “choices” at all. They are all violations of all internationally recognized human rights. Each act of ISIS violence further diminishes the moral weight of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  …

This backpedaling by our State Department is especially shameful given America’s great history of advocacy for religious freedom and human rights.

<Read the whole article>

Response: Meanwhile the Obama administration is supplying relief and aid to UN refugee camps in Iraq and Syria and providing help for those in the camps who wish to immigrate to Europe or the USA.

However most Christian refugees will not stay at the UN camps since they are dominated by Muslim refugees and help organizations and Christians continue to face discrimination and persecution in the UN camps. So most of the Iraqi and Syrian Christian refugees go to camps serviced by Christian relief organizations.

The Obama administration however refuses to lend help and immigration assistance to any of the camps and refugees that are not under the UN banner and control. This is why over 95% of the refugees coming into the USA and Europe are Muslims rather than the persecuted Christians which are facing worse conditions and actual genocide in their ancestral homelands.

Pressure needs to be put upon the Obama administration to change this policy and more adequately address the needs of the Christian refugees. At the very least the truth needs to be admitted.  Radical Islam, which has far more Muslim support than anyone wants to admit in the West, is at the root of the problem. The result is the destruction of a two thousand year old Middle-Eastern Christian people and culture. It should be called what it is- genocide.               *Top


UPDATE. Here’s a great article from Townhall.com on this same subject: “We Must Act: Time Is Running Out to Stop the Christian Genocide in Iraq and Syria

and another: “Humanitarian: ‘What Will Kerry Tell His Grandchildren’ if He Doesn’t Label Christian Slaughter ‘Genocide’?”

And here’s a good one from the Blaze:  “Join the Rest of the World’: Catholic Group Calls for U.S. to Finally Recognize Islamic State’s Slaying of Christians as Genocide

More from World Mag: “Religious groups call on U.S. to label ISIS crimes genocide

And the Christianity Today: “Do Christians Face Genocide from ISIS? US Has One Week Left to Decide

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