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-Episcopal Priest Proud of Abortion to Finish Divinity School?

by Dr. D ~ March 7th, 2016

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An Episcopal priest testifying before SCOTUS seems to be proud that she had an abortion in order to finish divinity school. Here’s the story from the Christian Post:

A New England Episcopal priest who says she aborted an accidental pregnancy while she was in divinity school is now among a group of high-powered pro-abortion women seeking to convince the Supreme Court to ease abortion restrictions.

The Rev. Anne Fowler, who recently retired from her position as rector at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, is among the group of more than 100 women who signed “friend-of-the-court” briefs intended to humanize abortion for the high court for what has been described as the most important Supreme Court battle over abortion in a generation.

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Response: Let me get this straight, the Rev. Fowler needed to have an abortion in order to complete her training to serve Christ as a pastor? Later she was considered a success even though attendance at her church declined as she concentrated on being an abortion rights activist? Now in retirement she proudly serves as a ‘chaplain’ for Planned parenthood. Incredible!

Meanwhile, conservative evangelical Christians and Catholic church leaders are pro-life and support the other side in this legal struggle before the Supreme Court.

This story demonstrates the vast chasm between Christians who belong to liberal so-called ‘mainline’ protestant churches and those who are in more conservative evangelical congregations who still believe in the Bible and traditional Christian teaching.                *Top

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