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-North Carolina: City of Charlotte Passes Transgender ‘Bathroom’ Bill Despite Huge Opposition

by Dr. D ~ February 24th, 2016


Yesterday the City Counsel of Charlotte, North Carolina joined Houston. Texas as major cities who have imposed a so called ‘Transgender ‘Bathroom’ bill on its citizens despite huge opposition against it. In the case of Houston, it was eventually voted down in a general election. Look for that to happen here also . Here’s the story from Michael Brown:

Monday night, the City Council of Charlotte, with the strong support of Mayor Jennifer Roberts, voted 7-4 last night to pass a so-called LGBT non-discrimination bill despite more than 250,000 emails, more than 20,000 petition signatures, the opposition of more than 200 local business, community, and faith leaders, and the strong disapproval voiced by the overwhelming number of the 140 people who testified before the council prior to the vote.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, the former long-time mayor of Charlotte, has promised that the state will likely take immediate action against this bill, which is all the more reason we must expose the social insanity of this bill.

<Read the whole article>

Response: This is disturbing. Transgender rights and the furthering of a PC progressive agenda is obviously more important to this mayor and city counsel than the safety of the people they are suppose to serve. It also doesn’t seem to matter that there is a huge opposition to the bill or that similar legislation has created real problems all across America.

The PC rush to accommodate LGBT rights has created situations where common sense can no longer legally apply. The article by Michael brown details some of those problems incurred around America and how the laws have been used by sex offenders to gain access to children and members of the opposite sex. Also in the process, LGBT rights are being codified to trump religious liberty.

Nobody seems to want to define a middle ground where LGBT discrimination is addressed without exposing the majority to predators. Also those pushing this agenda really do seem to want to curtail or restrict religious freedom in the process.

Meanwhile, the leaders involved with opposing the bill note how their concerns were distorted by the main stream media, particularly the AP,  which was obviously biased in support of the legislation.               *Top

Here’s a link to another article about this bill. From the Christian Post: “Franklin Graham Says Charlotte Transgender Bathroom Bill Is ‘Wicked, Filthy’

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