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-Appeals Court: Catholic Television Network Must Obey HHS Contraceptive Mandate

by Dr. D ~ February 19th, 2016


The judicial attacks on religious freedom continue. From Life News:

A federal appeals court has ruled that the Obama administration can force a television network run by a Catholic nun to obey the HHS mandate, which compels religious groups to pay for abortion-causing drugs for their employees.  …

This mandate forces religious ministries like EWTN to violate their faith or pay massive IRS penalties.

Recognizing the severity of the situation, the court immediately put its ruling on hold until the Supreme Court address this important issue on March 23 in the Little Sisters of the Poor case.

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Response: It was assumed that the court would rule in favor of the Little Sisters after its ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby. But all bets are off now with Justice Scalia gone. It will be interesting to see if we get a ruling at all this year or whether SCOTUS will put it off until a new justice is chosen.

There are literally over a hundred similar cases waiting for the Little Sisters case to bring a resolution. An ultimate ruling against the Little Sisters would severely damage religious freedom in America and the floodgates would be open for additional attacks on the First Amendment.            *Top

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