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-Columbus,Ohio: Somali Muslim Attack in Israeli Christian Restaurant- FBI Says It Was Random?

by Dr. D ~ February 16th, 2016


A Somali Muslim attacked and injured four diners in an Israeli Christian restaurant that had an Israeli flag in the window. But the FBI claims it was just random violence? Here’s the story from One News now:

The head of a messianic Jewish ministry says it’s not surprising that a Somali-born Muslim attacked Americans in Columbus, Ohio.

The machete-wielding suspect entered the Nazareth restaurant last week, February 11, and began hacking people. Four people were injured, some seriously.

Police later shot and killed the assailant, Mohamed Barry, who was identified as a Somali-born Muslim.

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Response:  The Muslim assailant questioned restaurant employees about the Israeli flag in the window but the authorities maintain it was random and the FBI sees no motive at all in the attack.

Just another situation where obvious Muslim religious motives are downplayed or ignored. Yet the whole situation only makes sense in that context. No one wants to blame Islam for actions like this so any possible connection must be downplayed or ignored in the name of combating so-called Islamophobia.

The current administration has forced the FBI into this position of denying the obvious. It really does not help but in my opinion actually increases the possible fear and resentment of Muslim Americans and Muslim immigrants in particular.

A better tact would be to admit the obvious. While most Muslims are peaceful Americans and should be free to pursue their religious convictions; a minority may support radical Islamist views, attitudes, and actions.  Violence coming from members of that minority will continue whether the truth is acknowledged or not. Continuing a policy of Ignorance will not help but only encourage and exacerbate the problem.                *Top

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