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-Praying for Richard Dawkins?

by Dr. D ~ February 12th, 2016


       (Richard Dawkins: Wikipedia)

Richard Dawkins the famous scientist and atheist activist suffered a stroke last Saturday and some of his followers are upset that Christians may be praying for his recovery. Here’s the story from Christian Today:

The 74-year-old announced his "minor stroke" which occured last Saturday in the UK but said he was already at home recuperating.

Christians on Twitter are insisting they will pray for the author of The God Delusion, much to the irritation of Dawkins’ atheist followers.

<Read the whole article>

Response: It should not surprise atheists that Christians are praying for the recovery of Richard Dawkins. We have also been concerned about his ultimate destiny and have been praying for his conversion for years. We are merely following the teaching of Jesus to love and even pray for our enemies:

But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you…

-Matt. 5:44 (ESV)


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