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-Sologamy: The Latest Marriage Perversion?

by Dr. D ~ February 8th, 2016


Here’s the latest perversion of marriage and a future civil right issue? We now have same-sex marriage in America but others are pushing for the legalization of polygamy, polyamory and even incest. Now comes a new trend of ‘same-self’’ marriage- folks marrying themselves called ‘sologamy’? From Charisma News:

Self marriage is not recognized in the U.S. or Europe, but nevertheless, more reports are surfacing of individuals marrying themselves.

The first person to marry herself to herself was Linda Baker in December 1993… Another is Sara Sharpe, "who wrote about her self-marriage in A Dress, A Ring, Promises to Self."

Last January, the Houston Chronicle reported that Yasmin Eleby "married herself at the Houston Museum of African American Culture … in a lavish ceremony with 10 bridesmaids in attendance, plus family and other guests on hand to celebrate the event." …and Yasmin went on a honeymoon with herself to "Cambodia, Laos, and a jazz festival in Dubai."

And CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewed a North Dakota woman, Nadine Schweigert, who married herself in front of her roughly 40 close friends. These were her vows:

"I, Nadine," she said to herself, "promise to enjoy inhabiting my own life and to relish a lifelong love affair with my beautiful self."

There was also, Dutch woman, Jennifer Hoes, who married herself. Aeon Magazine conveys her story in a ten-minute documentary, called, "Marrying Me."

And ..the self-marriage of British Sophie Tanner. She married herself last year in a ceremony performed by her friend at a Unitarian Church who wore a rented bishop’s costume, which also included 20 bridesmaids.

Of her day, Sophie said:

"I got married to myself; I was ridiculously happy and the vibe was amazing."

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Response: Obviously this is the result of an out of control narcissistic culture. The only positive that I can see is that divorce would be unlikely?

It is difficult for me to understand the reasoning behind ‘marrying oneself’ as compared to staying single. Life would seem to be the same either way except for the ceremony and celebration. Since woman seem to look forward to weddings far more than men that is probably the reason all of the recorded examples of those making this ‘choice’ are female.

I have read quite a few articles making the ‘civil rights’ case for opening up marriage to polygamy and polyamory, or incest and any other kind of combination folks might dream up. But it is hard for me to see how sologamy would demand any special civil rights in the future or any necessary reasons for making this legal.

This whole thing demonstrates how crazy it can get when God and his Biblical teaching are ignored. In a culture where there are no absolutes then there are no moral reasons to reject sologamy but there are also no real compelling reasons to accept it either.               *Top

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