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-A Truly Tolerant Culture Should Accommodate the Church’s View on Same-Sex Marriage?

by Dr. D ~ February 5th, 2016


A truly tolerant culture should accommodate the Church’s view on same-sex marriage and sexuality. However we are now seeing a time when it seems like every other kind of view is accepted 0r tolerated in the popular culture except a conservative Christian world view.

Recently the main stream media in the UK had a small meltdown over the Anglican Communion maintaining their traditional view of marriage and suspending the American Episcopal Church for accepting same-sex marriage. Some in the British media were even questioning whether the church actually had a right to reject the new cultural marital norm. Here’s a quote from a great article in the Spectator entitled- “A truly liberal society would tolerate the Anglican church’s views on sexuality”:

On Saturday the Times published a full-blown invective. The Church has no right, the editorial claimed, to maintain its traditional doctrine of marriage.

The outcry is indicative of a profound shift. Institutions founded on certain precepts to which its members are expected to subscribe shouldn’t be allowed to act on them if those precepts don’t square with a prevailing agenda.

Back in 2013 advocates for same-sex marriage argued that the church’s beliefs about sexuality shouldn’t be imposed on the rest of society. That makes sense. But now the church is being told it shouldn’t hold those beliefs at all.

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Response: Incredible! One European Country (Denmark) has already forced its state church to accept same-sex marriage. The UK may be next with these kind of sentiments being publically aired. With the First Amendment still in place this could not happen in America.

However we are seeing some of the same attitudes toward the church in America. For years Christians have been told that they should not impose their beliefs on society. I have always found it interesting that some of the most vocal in this regard nevertheless demand their own rights to change society and laws to reflect their own activist views without seeing the irony or admitting to any hypocrisy. But now it has gone one step further with activist judges forcing Christian business owners to go against their own religious convictions when it comes to contraception, abortifacients, and same-sex marriages and ceremonies.

The first Amendment was originally written to protect diverse religious views and conscience but lately that has been stood on its ear in an attempt to take all religion out of the public square. Meanwhile, freedom of religion is under assault and any attempts to pass laws to protect the rights of believers are being cast in the media as bigoted and discriminatory. Plus the new understanding coming out of many major law schools in America is that the traditional Constitutional understanding needs to be replaced with ‘freedom of worship’ only within the four walls and confines of an officially zoned religious building.

Lately I have even read a number of articles questioning whether conservative Christians should be allowed to hold higher public offices in the future, particularly in the judiciary. So toleration seems to be increasingly limited in our changing secular culture when it comes to conservative Christians and their convictions.               *Top

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