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-Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?

by Dr. D ~ February 3rd, 2016


Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? In America it is now ‘politically correct’ to say they do and those who claim otherwise are viewed as bigoted Islamophobes in the main stream secular media. A controversy over this issue recently boiled over in the press when Wheaton College administrators suspended  a professor, Larycia Hawkins who taught Political Science, for asserting that Muslims and Christians worship the same God.

Well do they really? My answer is:

Yes, No, and Maybe So, depending on the context, but mostly No. 

To put this in perspective, sometimes I wonder if the person sitting next to me in church on Sunday is worshipping the same God and some of those folks might actually prove otherwise on Monday! The fact is, every believing person has their own definition of God or Allah, or Adonai whether they are Christians, Muslims,  Jewish or whatever.

As one who studied Christian theology extensively in seminary and holds an advanced degree my usual conclusion on this subject is in the negative (no) since there is such a wide difference between the Christian and Muslim understanding of God: who he is, what he does, and what he requires of humanity.

Read the rest of the article where I list some beliefs about God that Christians and Muslims do have in common along with some major differences.

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1 Response to -Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?

  1. Brian

    I tried to post last week, but I think something went wrong with the post:

    Assume that Mohammad was an authorized messenger of God, who Mohammad referred to as “Allah”. As an authorized messenger, a prophet if you will, the statements made by Mohammad were inspired/dictated by God/Allah and represent theological truth. If you accept this proposition, then Allah and Jehovah-God of Judeo-Christian belief are the same person. And, also, you are a Muslim.

    Assume that Mohammad was not an authorized messenger of Jehovah-God. He is creating a religious faith out of whole cloth, and his statements and theology does not reflect Jehovah-God. Under this assumption, when he (Mohammad) says “I was sent by Allah” he must be talking about someone else – a false god – since he was not sent by Jehovah-God.

    My point being that the left’s cop-out that Allah is the same as Jehovah is an abandonment of Christian belief and an embrace of Islam, probably adopted out of the secular viewpoint that all religions are equally valid.


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