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-Iranian President Defends Charlie Hebdo Attacks?

by Dr. D ~ January 28th, 2016


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is making the rounds in Europe this week trying to drum up business for his country. Before going to Paris he made the following reference which seemed to justify the Charlie Hebdo attacks and killings last year in France. Here’s the story from Townhall:

Before heading to Paris after a visit in Rome, Rouhani declared free speech does not include the right to insult religion. 

But in an apparent reference to the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, Rouhani said freedom of expression

"doesn’t mean offending that which is sacred to other people’s faith."
"All religions are to be respected, their books and the millions of people who follow the faith,"
Rouhani said. Insulting them, he said, "creates division and doesn’t help anyone."

Rouhani’s statement is a clear reference to, and justification of, the 2014 murders of Charlie Hebdo editors and cartoonists after they depicted Mohamed on the cover of the satirical newspaper.

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Response: Just a reminder that many Muslim leaders were not all that sympathetic to the victims who were killed by terrorists in Paris last year. In fact in some places in the Middle East they were even celebrating over the terrorist ‘victory.’

Muslim leaders are divided most of the time but when it comes to freedom of speech, as understood in the West, and what they consider to be defamation against Islam they are in total agreement. They have sought in the UN to put in place international laws which would limit free speech when it comes to anything critical of Islam. Even the majority of American Muslims are in favor of criminalizing any kind of defamation against the Muslim faith. Fortunately they have been unsuccessful so far.            *Top

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1 Response to -Iranian President Defends Charlie Hebdo Attacks?

  1. Brian

    Hypocrisy, thy name is Islam! When has the Iranian leadership (or any other Islamic leadership) ever worried about “offending what is sacred to other people’s faith”? When have they ever worried about offending Christians? From Jizya to imposition of dress codes, limitations on building/repairing churches, prohibitions on teaching, and even imposition of Ramadan fasting, Islam HAS NEVER given any thought to the religious rights of others. Now, the fact that this scoundrel will not only make such a hypocritical statement, but that he does it in the context of endorsing a terrorist act . . . . and this is the person that Obama made a treaty with???

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