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-Trump and ‘Two Corinthians’

by Dr. D ~ January 20th, 2016

…Donald Trump met ‘two Corinthians’ the other day at Liberty University and had them deported…. Yah, I know, not so funny. But the Donald did get a few laughs the other day at Liberty when he called the NT letter of Paul: “Two Corinthians.”

I must admit that I got a few laughs out of it myself. But most of my laughter was at the main stream media who were gleefully pointing out the mistake. I found it funny, ironic, and hugely hypocritical that the NY Times, ABC, Time magazine, and CNN among many other media ‘giants’ were suddenly criticizing Trump over a book that they have repeatedly demonstrated their ignorance of in the past along with a basic lack of respect.

At least Trump quoted from one of my favorite Bible verses:

"Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" –2nd Corinthians 3:17

Trump is far from being my favorite candidate but at least he is trying to address some of the major concerns that evangelicals currently have, particularly when he said:

"Christianity, it’s under siege…We’re going to protect Christianity."

In spite of all of the laughter at Trump’s expense, it should be noted that if you are in the UK or listening to lectures by British Bible scholars, like N.T. Wright, you will hear those very educated folks referring to that NT letter as ‘Two Corinthians’ quite often. I have heard it called that at least a couple of times by visiting European scholars when I was in seminary years ago.               *Top


Here’s another great take on the “Two Corinthians” controversy by Bobby Ross Jr. at Get Religion:

Why Donald Trump didn’t REALLY mess up when he said ‘Two Corinthians’ instead of ‘Second Corinthians’

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