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-Condemnation for Atheist Billboard Vandals

by Dr. D ~ January 6th, 2016


                                                                     (Screenshot from KRDO.com video)

A Christmas billboard put up by American Atheists was damaged in Colorado and a Christian organization officially spoke out against the vandals. Here’s the story from the Christian Post:

A conservative Christian organization based in Colorado has denounced the vandalism of an atheist billboard that advises people to "skip church."  …

Paul Batura, spokesman for Focus on the Family, told The Christian Post on Tuesday that despite disagreeing with the billboard’s message it shouldn’t have been defaced.

"Vandalism has no place in a civilized society," said Batura. "We disagree with their message but we certainly respect their right to say it."

"We don’t know who is responsible for the damage, but to deliberately deface private property is a foolish and immature response to any objections one might have regarding the message of the billboard."

<Read the whole article>

Response: It is sad that someone decided to vandalize this controversial atheist billboard. Some are claiming that the atheists probably did this themselves for the publicity. However that is improbable since they had already received plenty of media notice for these ‘Christmas’ billboards that encouraged folks to skip church during the Christmas season. Also the message seems to indicate that a believer might have done the damage.

We condemn the vandalism even though we may disagree with the billboard and find it’s message troubling. However the vandalism is even more troubling in spite of the fact that we agree with the message- “God is not dead.”

Vandalism is just plain wrong and cannot be morally supported in any way. Plus as a strategic response to the atheist message it was a complete failure since it brought further attention to the billboard and even some sympathy.               *Top

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