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-Is “White Christmas” a ‘Racist’ Song? Some College Students Think So?

by Dr. D ~ December 22nd, 2015

Is the popular Christmas classic “White Christmas” a ‘racist’ song that needs to be banned from radio? Apparently some college students think so. Though I am not sure how much actual thinking went into this. See the video above and read the story from MRCTV:

Last week, I presented some college students with a petition urging radio stations to stop playing the holiday classic "White Christmas" because the song only focuses on "White" Christmases. This clearly makes it racially insensitive, since it completely ignores Christmases of other colors.

<Read the whole article>

Response: Obviously the petition was designed to show how ‘Political Correctness’ has run amuck on our college campuses. Add this to the recent stories of college and university administrators banning ‘taco days’ in the cafeteria because they were also supposedly ‘racist’ and offensive.

I guess a white guy (Bing Crosby) hoping for a ‘white Christmas’ falls into the same category? Only in PC America.               *Top

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1 Response to -Is “White Christmas” a ‘Racist’ Song? Some College Students Think So?

  1. Brian

    Can you imagine the Islamic outrage if any Western/Christian nation was to adopt analogous rules restricting the public celebration of Eid al Fitr? Better yet, can you imagine the outrage of Western secular elites if a county was to adopt such an anti-Islamic restriction?

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