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-School: Biblical Content Cut from ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ Play

by Dr. D ~ December 18th, 2015

The whole point of the famous ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ is to answer the question  ‘what is the true meaning of Christmas?’ In the TV production and the play the answer and the punch line is provided by Luke 2:8-14- it is all about the birth of Jesus Christ. So how exactly can the ‘Biblical content’ be satisfactorily cut from the play?  Nevertheless that is what a public school in Kentucky is doing to their production of the play. Here’s the story from the Blaze:

A conservative legal firm is pushing back against a public school district’s decision to “censor” an elementary school production of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” after a family’s complaint reportedly led officials to remove all religious references from the show.  …

After all, there’s a famous scene in “A Charlie Brown Christmas” in which character Linus Van Pelt directly recites from the Bible, reading Luke 2:8-14 in an effort to communicate the true meaning of Christmas to Charlie Brown. While it’s beloved by many, the scene is likely to cause contention among those who believe that it violates the First Amendment to permit such a scene in a public school play.

Superintendent Tom Salyer’s announcement about the removal of religious content has sparked controversy and protests, with parents picketing outside of the board of education building on Monday, according to WSAZ-TV.

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Response: If common sense prevailed the school officials would have chosen a different play if they wanted to avoid religious content. In spite of all of their formal ‘education’ some educators seem rather stupid in some of their decisions. This one was guaranteed to cause a controversy particularly in Kentucky which is part of the ‘Bible belt.’

Just a week or so ago President Obama seemed to step in it over the same program when he proclaimed that “A Charlie Brown Christmas” was all about “peace on earth and goodwill to all humanity” -also missing the major point of the production. But at least he was citing ‘Biblical content.’               *Top

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