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-Federal Court: World War I Memorial Cross Stays

by Dr. D ~ December 5th, 2015


(Bladensburg WWI Memorial Peace Cross)

Another attempt by an atheist organization to take down a war memorial cross was thwarted by a Federal District Court. Here’s the story from the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) Website:

…a federal district court rejected the demands of an angry atheist group to tear down a World War I memorial cross.

The United States District Court for the District of Maryland ruled in favor of the American Legion’s Blandensburg Cross World War I Veterans Memorial honoring the 49 brave residents of Prince George County, Maryland who fought and died in World War I. The cross was erected in 1925, but was attacked by the American Humanist Association in a federal lawsuit in 2014.

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Response: Atheists seem to be going around the whole country trying to find ‘crosses’ on public property to be offended by and to legally challenge in lawsuits.

Federal Courts have ruled in both directions on similar cases. Look for this one to continue to go through the federal court system. So far the SCOTUS has upheld most of the memorial ‘cross’ cases which have gotten that far. However in many of these cases private groups or organizations have bought the property they are erected on in order to save the memorials.

Atheist groups claim that this is all about the establishment of religion clause but continue to try and get these crosses taken down even after the property has passed into private hands. It should be noted that when these memorials were set up in the 20th century the cross was rather generic and no one thought that they were supporting a particular religion at the time.

There are tens of thousands of historic headstones with crosses in national cemeteries on the graves of fallen soldiers. They were a generic representation at the time, will atheist groups eventually require all of these to be taken down? There are also thousands of crosses over graves in historic cemeteries on public property. What about all of these?

When the ‘establishment clause’ in the First Amendment was written it was with an eye toward protecting religious freedom and the rights of different religious groups. Some states even had official state supported churches at the time. Now it is used as a legal weapon against religion instead.             *Top

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1 Response to -Federal Court: World War I Memorial Cross Stays

  1. mark

    Atheists are often so embedded in their issue that they forget the historical and cultural context. This isn’t about promoting religion, it’s a preservation of history.

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